Mercian Regiment?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by polar, Oct 25, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone have any news on this? Like confirmation of its title or badge etc..
  2. Was told in May, from contact "on high" in Worcs&SFs that the new badge would be the "old" Mercian Bde badge, i.e. the double eagle and Saxon Crown.
  3. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

  4. Just a quick google answered most questions

    Mercians merger news

    Glad to see the new regiment retaining its TA footprint in my home county (Derbys) :evil:
  5. Does the plan involve the companies in Birmingham/Coventry and Shrewsbury/Hereford re-badging to become Mercians?
  6. Not that I've heard, they will remain LI and RRF - at the expense of mercian coys, i.e. TA WFR platoon in Derby disbanding.

    Suppose more recruits for the local TA Signals Regiment.
  7. Staying RRF/ LI within 4 Mercian. Looks like their Coventry and Hereford outposts are going too. Bearing in mind what seems to be the generic establishment, one (or even 2?) of the companies may be single platoon establishments....
  8. That's not certain either.

    Coventry is currently SF , based on the old RRF HQ building.

    At this moment, no one is really sure of anything , apart from the incoming CO doesn't want to see Hackles at the formation of the new Battalion.

    Needless to say , we are looking at our parent Regiment to get some fire down on our behalf , as we did for them.
  9. PTP, soz I can't wish best of luck on this occasion.

    The TA (Sherwood Foresters) WFRs have been the most shafted organisation in the entire TA, now we are to have no (full) Coy in the Notts/Derby area. How many Regiments managed to form two large TA Bns in the midlands area ..... ok it was only the WFRs... currently left with a few plns .... next reorg will it be a fire team
  10. I thought the LI were re-grouping to create THE RIFLES in league with the D&D, RGBW and RGJ - 5 regular and 2 TA Bns all up?

    Remains to be seen whether it will be THE ROYAL RIFLES of course...

    ...bit off topic - I'll get my coat now! :)
  11. Yes, but the 6th and 7th Bns of the Rifles are geographically organised. This leaves 3 orphaned TA LI Coys, the Shropshire, Yorkshire and Durham Coys.

    Shropshire -> 4 Mercian (apparently)
    Yorkshire -> Leaving the infantry orbat
    Durham -> 5 RRF (or 3 RRF if no "air gaps" are allowed)
  12. Hmmm...good point.

    In the round, I'd rather maintain the geographic footprint of the Army via the TA than reorganise everyone just for the sake of reorganising everyone!

    Mind you, since when did sense ever come into this? ;)
  13. Polar , I sympathise , I really do.

    It was a damn close thing at SDR , still selling off 2 locations made MoD a very tidy sum. :evil:

    If they keep picking away , they'll achieve their end.
  14. thanks and to be honest I really do hope u achieve your aims.

    I think my current unit wouldn't be what it is today without SDR, but it was at the expense of one of the top TA bn's (6RRF maybe the best?).
    Many of my original Coy joined the unit I'm in, but yet again I see them being disbanded.

    Mercians have shot themselves in the foot by ignoring Notts/Derbys, they'll get very little PR from one of their main recruiting areas. Handing it over to Yorkshire regiment (YTV) and Royal Anglians (East Midlands TV).
  15. It leaves the south of England looking quite tidy with:

    6th Bn, The Rifles (Southwest)
    7th Bn, The Rifles (South)
    3rd Bn, PWRR (Southeast)
    London (London)

    The north is quite tidy too:

    4th Bn, Lancs (Northwest)
    5th Bn, RRF (Northeast)
    4th Bn, Yorks (Yorkshire)

    Scotland, Wales and Ireland are organised by country (excepting that Chester is chopped to Royal Welsh Regiment, but who knows about the TA Coy?)

    3rd Bn, Welsh
    7th Bn, Scots
    8th Bn, Scots

    The mess is in the Midlands. We have the following regiments:

    4th Bn, Mercian
    5th Bn, R Anglian

    5 (?) R Anglian can easily be formed from EER, but 4 Mercian embraces the following existing TA Inf Coys:

    B (Cheshire) Coy, KCR in Chester - area redesignated Welsh
    D (Cheshire) Coy, KCR in Crewe
    D (WFR) Coy, EER in Mansfield and Derby
    A (Fusilier) Coy, WMR in Birmingham and Coventry
    B (WFR) Coy, WMR in Kidderminster and Worcester
    C (Staffs) Coy, WMR in Burton upon Trent
    D (Staffs) Coy, WMR in Stoke upon Trent
    E (LI) Coy, WMR in Shrewsbury and Hereford
    HQ Coy, WMR in Wolverhampton

    This means that they're taking more companies into the new Bn than even 4 Yorks.

    However, 2 new RE Regiments are being formed under rebalancing, both in the north/ midlands I believe. Some coys or pls are likely to be chopped over to them.