Mercian Regiment Cap Badge

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Peeler, Sep 13, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know if they came up with one yet, now that they rejected the double eagle ? I was just on Wikipedia and apparently the old Mercian King's used to also use a White Dragon as their symbol, just food for thought.
  2. How recent is that ? I remember seeing this web page before the
    announcement in the press that the eagle was vetoed. Hopefully the powers
    that be will come up with something that is both historical & new. To go back
    to the failed Mercian Brigade as a capbadge isn't too original. (BTW the
    Foresters part of the Mercians used to wear, albeit briefly , the Forester
    Brigade capbadge )
  3. As far as im aware the strangled chicken is a done deal!!!
  4. I was just going by this article in the Telegraph:

    Regiment's 'strangled chicken' badge rejected
    By Sean Rayment, Defence Correspondent
    (Filed: 18/12/2005)

    Defence chiefs have ordered senior officers of one of the Army's newest regiments to redesign its cap badge because it is not traditional enough.

    The Ministry of Defence has ruled that while it is acceptable to terminate centuries of tradition by amalgamating some of the Army's oldest infantry battalions, the new regiment's badge is unacceptable because there is "no historical precedent" for its existence.

    The 'strangled chicken' badge

    The badge was selected by the senior officers of the three infantry battalions - the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters, Cheshire and Staffordshire Regiments - which will form the Mercian Regiment in June 2007. The three battalions are being amalgamated as part of a process known as the Future Infantry Structure, a controversial plan to merge single-battalion regiments into larger units in an attempt to boost efficient.

    Earlier this year, the regimental elders of the three infantry units decided to adopt the badge of the Mercian Brigade which briefly existed in the late 1960s and was composed of some units destined to be merged into the Mercian Regiment. It also became the badge of the Mercian Volunteers, a territorial unit which remained when the Mercian Brigade disbanded. While the badge, which consists of a double-headed eagle and a Saxon crown, was regarded by officers as not being particularly attractive, it was deemed the best compromise as it had a historical connection with all three units.

    The decision to reject the badge was made by the Army Dress Committee. It is understood that the committee ruled it was "unacceptable" for a new regiment to adopt a badge that had been used by a territorial battalion because of the lack of precedent.

    The committee also felt that the badge was too similar to the cap badge of the Queen's Dragoon Guards, which also has a double-headed eagle.

    Patrick Mercer, a Tory MP and a former commanding officer of the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment, said he was "partly pleased" that the badge had been rejected because it looked like a "ghastly strangled chicken". He added: "The badge is not attractive but it is probably the best compromise."
  5. Only part, the Sherwood Foresters plus Leics and Lincolns

    I love this quote, backing up the choice of badge


    p.s. The Domesday book split England into 3 parts - Angles, Saxon and Danelaw. Staffs, Notts & Derbys came under the Danelaw not this Anglian (Mercian) regt (same could be said about Lincs and Leics in another Anglian Regt)
  6. b. It is distinctive and relevant for the future, rather than an amalgamation of present badges which would need to incorporate the emblems of four former regiments.

    For this read can't be arrsed to try, or too unimaginative to try. How is it that 40 years ago the county regiments of Surrey, Kent, Sussex and Middlesex all had an element of their cap badges incorporated into the Queen's Regiment badge and that all of these and an element of the Royal Hampshire Regiment (the Hampshire Rose) was incorporated into the PWRR cap badge in 1992? Any WW2 veteran of the Buffs, Queen's Royal Regiment, Royal Sussex, Royal Hampshire or Middlesex can still see some part of his cap badge being proudly worn by the PWRR - that for me is what 'Golden Threads' is all about.

    c. The current Regiments had all served in the Mercian Brigade whose regular battalions had worn the badge from 1963 to 1970.

    OK - so what about all those who served in the Staffords, Cheshires, Worcesters, and Notts & Derby Regiments before 1963 and all those who served post 1970 - what wiil this badge mean to them? Where can they see their Golden Thread?

    e. The Mercian regiment has no single county or natural regional identity (as is the case of Scotland, Wales or Yorkshire) on which to draw geographical unity.

    Hmmm, so in other words much like PWRR, RRF, Royal Anglians, Duke of Lancasters, Light Infantry and RGJ then - makes you wonder how on earth did all these regiments manage when confronted with the same problem. :roll:

    FFS - get a grip - there must be someone in one of the four battalions with enough creativity to come up with a badge for the Mercians, if not get Saatchi and Saatchi on the case :twisted:
  7. Forget Saatchi and Saatchi - get the Biff who drew the new Conservatives logo!
  8. Ok, how does this sound:

    Upon a Garter Star ( Cheshire version ) a Cross Patee ( Foresters ), in the center of the cross surrounded by the motto of the Order of the Garter( Worcesters), a Stafford Knot , above the Plumes of the Prince of Wales ( Staffords ), below the circle the motto FIRM ( Worcesters ).

    Since they've decided that the collar dogs will have the acorn, I have left it out of the capbadge.

    Really is so hard for someone to come up with in the Dress Committee ???
  9. I think thats been mentioned several times before, its not rocket science is it?
  10. Think quickly fellas - otherwise the Government will just use it as an excuse to chop more battalions from the ORBAT.
  11. i'm joinin the cheshires soon to be 1st bn the mercian

    the capbadge looks awful!

    this is the 1 off wikipedia.. looks slightly dif to the 1 on the army website but am not feelin that!

  12. Who chose to use the double headed eagle for the cap badge of the mercian regiment?
  13. The Army Dress Committee.
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