Mercian Mess Dress


Mercian Regimental Mess Dress

Brand New, Never Worn.

Tailored for myself but never used before I left the Army.

Will fit well anyone around:

5' 11''

40' Chest

32' Waist

The Jacket and Trousers are brand new and remain in the suit bag with the Regimental green cuburbund. The Jacket has Corporal tapes on and an Iraq campaign minature medal.

The Shirt is a Double Two tailored shirt with a 15' collar and remains brand new in the packet.

The boots are Sanders patent leather boots, size 9, brand new and were from the same tailors as the mess dress so you can be happy they are the correct boots for the uniform.

The Mess Dress was tailored by Micheal Jay military tailors and was £580 when purchased. £350 buy it now is a real bargain as this uniform is perfect and as new.

Payment can be made on PayPal or by cheque and postage will be 1 working day after balance clears. Will be packaged correctly and sent by courier to ensure you receive it in superb condition.

If you need anymore information feel free to ask and i will get back to you ASAP.
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