mercenaries ?


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Just picked up the start of a good story and am looking for background info.

Scenario one : Ex sailor goes off to the Russian Civil war to fight for the Whites ... was he one of loads of them that went " under cover " for the British government after the first world war.

Scenario two. Serving Matlot who goes to Russia in Undercover convoys to resupply the White Army .

I have the man, his discharge papers , his medals and the family storythat he was some sort of mercenary .
So where would be a good point to start looking at this do you think ??
Cheers troops .
The British involvement with the White movement was hardly undercover. We sent an Empire Expedition under Canadian command. The Yanks also sent 5000 troops. The only sucess was the establishment of an independant Finnland.


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We also sent a Whole regiment of Tanks to Southern Russia and another Half dozen or so in the north, which now means, slightly embarrassing situation, the Russians have more restored MkIVs than we do
Like cenunnos I'm slightly puzzled by the 'undercover' bit - yes, there was espionage (Sidney Rielly, Paul DUkes, etc) and covert ops (Agar VC) but the vast bulk of the Allied effort was overt. And a convoy is a difficult thing to hide.


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