Mercedes VITO speed limiter fuse!


Can anyone help. Which number fuse is for the speed limiter in the merc vitos. long trips around germany at 120 kmh are as excitin as efr's.
Top tip with speed limiter fuses. When you find it dont just bin it. Stick it in the leccy window slot , blow it & then replace back into speed limiter fuse slot. You cant get done for fiddling it then. Get caught without one & your in poo.Get caught with a blown one in the correct position you can blag it. If its anything like Volvo trucks you cant fiddle it as the limiter is fixed to the gearbox. Good hunting.

Arent some of the speed limters directly connected/wired with the odometer ie pull the fuse and the whole lot fails to work makes interesting work at the end of the month trying to sort out the fuel/mileage. Anyway out of camp longer and more DRSA what the problem :brilsmurf: