Mercedes Titan

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by tank6275, Dec 17, 2011.

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  1. just saw a picture of a mercedes titan, with MOD plates on. Not seen one of these before, are they termed as green fleet and their main purpose, who uses them?


    was also spotted with these
  2. They all look very shiney... some sort of trials fleet maybe?
  3. Nuclear material (or whatever they call it) transport maybe?
  4. Do the Fodens still have Eaton Twin Splitter Gearboxes?
  5. had suspected that since no one is driving in uniform although they wernt all seen in a packet and no escort. quite a mixed bag of vehicles!
    the merc certainly looks very nice :)
  6. and if location and direction is relevant, spotted on M6 at Gretna, northbound
  7. The Foden looks like a REME Rec. Veh. twin spots on the cab roof, straight bar on the
    front bumper along with the Towing Bracket and looking above the Cab there are
    Hydraulic Pipes.... for a HIAB perhaps?
  8. Gratis.....
  9. my bad, and im a trucker, should really know better, although rarely south of the border
  10. Foden ceased production in 2006

    Given the location they could be out of CAD Longtown?
  11. I saw the Mercs getting piggy backs up the autobahn towards Kassel a few weeks ago.
  12. Well the Merc will be the usual Teutonic piece of crap the Renault looks like Eddie Stobart's new horse box complete with cameraman from Princess Productions in the passenger seat. The Foden looks like a green painted recovery truck to me. Eyeglasses lifting gear and a small crane on the back for those awkward moments, plus it seems to have a set of extending legs at the front of the body. No it wont have a Twin Splitter in because any old fool has got to be able to get in and drive the thing so probably ZF16 4over4 with split. M6 @ Gretna surely you mean the A74M. M6 stops at the border......;)
  13. It's the Army's Formula 1 team transport fleet :)
  14. The Magnum looks newish but check out the Reg. plus the Grill and H/Lights were
    changed on Civvie Models 2-3 yrs ago, worst LGV I have driven, talk about seasick.
    Cheap French Garbage.
    Tank, bet you aim a 'Topliner' up there in the rarefied atmosphere!
  15. ive got a highliner, but without any air kit on, looks a bit daft but cant get into our loading bays with it on