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Mercedes Makes an Invisible Car

This is, apparently, 'kosher'.

I think we'll be seeing more of this sort of technology being used. Coming soon to an AFV near you?
I have an invisible car too - at least it seems so from the total disregard for safety distances of some of the poxy drivers around here.


This is, apparently, 'kosher'.
Of course it's Kosker, how can it not be? Are you one of those permanent sceptics?

They've been trialling this sort of stuff on AFVs for ages. Though it makes no odds if you can't beat TI sights.

There's a thread on arrse somewhere where a company has been developing this for war fighting. It looks quite good .
All you need to do is adopt the technology used by bike manufacturers for years. "Sorry mate I didnt see you" is the most common excuse for car drivers pulling out on bikers.
This has been researched for years, they already are putting it on AFVs...but I think ships are a bit optimistic.


BAE makes it a bit more advanced and adaptable.
So apart from speeding past schools, jumping red lights, hit and run, drive by shootings, free car parking, no speeding tickets, shagging a whore whilst parked outside a police station, what is the point of an invisible car, i frequently forget where I park the fooker on anyway, if it were invisible I would be fooked!
I've seen a programme with an article were it was someone who had an "invisable" cloaking jacket which worked really well was it the same thing. I remember they were stood at the edge of a wood.


Bah. There's people in North Shields making cars go invisible on a daily basis. Have been for years.
There's a bunch of ******* conjurers on Teesside who'll make your car disappear from a large and busy retail park. They also employ a hypnotist in their line up, as no ****** will remember having seen or heard a thing.


Not necessarily. Cam can't beat TI sights either, but we use that a lot.
Granted, but it's better than nothing. Beating TI is more important than cam IMO.

The LED thing only really works from certain angles also. From above it doesn't work, and from oblique angles it doesn't work either.

This is my home-made invisible car.......I think it works well.


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