Mercedes CLKS -Is 100k mileage too much?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Boogieman, Nov 1, 2011.

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  1. I'm thinking of buying a CLK convertible however I only want to pay about 4k for it as it will only be used as a second car / runaround for the wife. For that kind of money, I have seen plenty but nearly all are 100k+ milers. With a service history, do you reckon 100k+ is anything to be concerned about with Mercs these days?
  2. Not had the pleasure of a Merc, but owned a fair few Beemers and Audi's, all ran over 150k miles before I chopped them.

    As with all panzers, they're usually well screwed together, but after 7 years old or so, bits will start to fail despite the service history. I've had alternators, electric windows and coils gone to motoring heaven. The mechanicals are usually sound though.

    So 100k is probably not a big issue to worry about generally.
  3. It'll be just nicely run in. Make sure it has a FSH though.
  4. My one, and only, experience with Mercs was a 5yrs old, ML270CDi we bought with 70k miles, one owner, full Merc dealer history - couldn't get better I thought, so we stretched our budget past the limit to own it - how wrong can you be!!!

    Car cost us an absolute fortune over two years - new gearbox, torque converter, injectors, injector seals (79p part that takes 6hrs labour to change!!), etc,etc - was a beautiful car though!!
    Would I have another Merc - no way (although to be fair I think we just had a 'rogue' car)

    I know it's not the same Merc you're looking at but, just goes to show, a lower mileage car isn't always better

    Was in a similar position to yourself, regarding buying a higher mileage replacement
    Tentatively bought a 3yrs old Honda CRV with 122k miles - no regrets at all 2yrs later (now done 151k)
    Also bought a 5yrs old Honda Accord with 120k miles this year as well - again no issues at all

    In my opinion, now running two high mileage cars, I'd just go for the car with the most comprehensive service history, regardless of mileage

    Happy hunting!!
  5. 100k on most modern cars is nothing these days, it is more than likely going to be motorway miles too, i.e sat at 70mph in cruise control so running at fairly low revs.

    I have a C180 that now has 74k on the clock and it drives well. Parts are expensive though which is the big thing to consider, I damaged my exhaust on a speed hump and a new back box cost me 445 quid! Electrical problems also seem to be a big thing for Merc's too, I often have lights flashing up on my screen which cost 50 quid or so to diagnose on a Mercedes STAR computer, I just tend to leave them now if the car is running ok and they go out after a few days. For servicing, look for a independant Merc specialist and you will save a fortune, if you are anywhere near the NW of England prestige benz near Birkenhead is spot on.
  6. Have a look on Parkers Car guide for more research.

    Do reps drive mercs?

    A pal of mine had merc "M plate" saloon. It had rust and bubbling around the wheel arches. I think Mercedes took their eye of the ball with regard quality in their manufacturing history, although in more recent times have re-upped their game on the quality front. I could be wrong. Mine is all anectodal evidence.

    May be lurk on a mercedes owners forum?
  7. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    It will munch the 100k mark no problem, just ensure the cam belt has been changed.

    If you are lookign for a soft top for 4k then the CLK you'll get is the older shaped one, I think the newer shape came out around an O3 plate.

    Be prepared to spend a few quid owning one though, Mercedes is Mercedes, no matter how old it is.

    Personally I'll never have a Merc, they seem to cost you every time you turn the engine.

    Have you considered a C70, I've got one I use in Spain, reliable, safe, fun to drive and cheap to mend when they go tits.
  8. I was in a Merc taxi, returning from a meeting to some airport in Germany, and commented to the driver that he had 120k on the clock. His reply was words to the effect that it was a pity as now he was over 100k he was relegated from the City Centre circuit and now had to do the out of town runs. The car would be sold out of taxi service once it reached 200k. So 100k no problem, just check in the service record that big ticket items that are supposed to be replaced, have been. I was caught that way with my current car (not a Merc), which had an apparently immaculate service record (all services by the dealer it was bought from new, all invoices saved). However, on checking the invoices, I found cam belt replacement had been omitted
  9. Macca08

    The ml benzes are knocked together in the us iirc. They are an utter heap of shit. Most of the problems you describe are quite common here. Best avoided.
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  10. What year is it, what engine? Depending, I'd say with this car be prepared to fork out another 4K to keep it afloat for another 3 years or so. If you are not willing to do that buy Japanese. If it is a 230K Compressor, I'd be careful, better to go with the 200 or even 320 then. Mercs will run provided you keep them up.
  11. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    According to Honest John in the Telegraph motoring section, 1997-2003 were the shit years for MB but as you say, much better now apparently. I don't own a Benz but I'd kill for a C63 AMG.
  12. ALways see the body work fail on MB guess the dont galvanise the bodies any more. 100,000 for an engine these days as long as it's been serviced and cam belts changed at correct intervals should see the engine still work even though the body has disintegrated around it. As said check around and maybe wait until the weathers really cold as it's a shit time then to put a convertible so you could get it even cheaper.
  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    100k is nowt to a well serviced Merc, as has been said.

    There are Indy Merc specialists in most areas, or German car specialists. With a car that age avoid the main stealers like the plague. If a high ticket item goes on a car that age, but a 2nd hand part from a scrapper.

    Merc seem to have tank models and not tank models. The E300 TDI was a tank. I had a couple of mates who traded up to the E320 which was all sorts of trouble.

    *Edit* if you are looking for a top Merc indy garage in the NE England drop us a PM?
  14. Your problem isnt going to be the engine mileage, its the age and the resultant failure of expensive to fix electrickery and peripherals. Id rather have a newer less prestigious make for the same money than an old Merc.
  15. Longlenny

    Longlenny War Hero Book Reviewer

    Have had five Mercs over the years starting with a 190 then a 220 SEb fintail, 308 van, 412 Sprinter and 220 CDI. The first two got me hooked on Mercs, the 308 was sold at 250k miles, still have the 412d, it is about to turn 370k, it has been serviced properly and when its ECU failed MB UK paid for it, good job too at £1204. Bought the 220 new (57 plate) no troubles so far. All serviced by independant MB specialists using MB parts. On balance I'm happy with them, I bought a new Ford Cmax before the 220 now that was a complete dog and the Ford dealer I used was joke.