Mercedes-Benz E320 CDi Avantgarde W211 2002

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Excognito, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. A cosmic ray passed near my remaining neuron and disrupted it to such a degree that I have purchased an 02-plate Mercedes-Benz W211 E320 CDi Avantgarde estate, complete with brand new MOT, service and 12-month part/labour warranty. I needed something to replace my current daily commuting vehicle and have caravan-towing capability in case my Volvo V70 R AWD decides to be temperamental.

    Out of idle curiosity, just how big a mistake have I made?
  2. none that i can see, the engines are capable of starship enterprise mileages, parts are cheap enough if you stay away from dealers, the only thing i don't like is the body panels are fabricated using a technique called stretch steel, they rust in the middle of panels as well as the edges, and yes i have a Merc c180 elegance
  3. Be prepared for the SBS problem!!'s not a case of will it happen? it's a case of when? its a time related component, merc were fixing them as goodwill up to last year, now it's £1800 ,apart from that a brilliant car, good luck with it.
  4. You need a good reliable local garage. I'd give it a good service, change all fluids and filters.
    The last one was so good I kept it ten years that was a C220CDI estate, replaced last year with an E220CDI saloon.
    The last one other than servicing cost me 4 tyres and a battery.
  5. What impressed me was the difference (presumably because of having rear-wheel drive) in turning circle versus my Volvo. The E320 turns on a sixpence whereas the Volvo has problems cutting inside a super-tanker doing 30 knots. Also the fact that the engine was barely turning over at 40 mph whereas the Volvo, despite having an "intelligent" gearbox seems to think that second is a good choice for anything less than 50 mph ... I'd have thought a 250 bhp engine could at least make it to 3rd occasionally. I'll have to see how fuel-consumption compares. The E320 reviews I read were particularly helpful in narrowing it down to somewhere between 20 mpg and 45 mpg. =-\\\\ My Volvo runs on LPG and turns in the price-equivalent of ~32 mpg unleaded

    I'm aware of the rust problem; it has a few minor blemishes on the doors but the wheel arches and engine bay looked clean. My wife appears to have found a good local independent MB service engineer.
  6. Oh it'll be shit in snow and ice. Lovely smooth, quiet engines and gearboxes. Not many cars have enough room for my long legs and being cramped doesn't help my over-used joints. Loads of room in the Mercedes and they do speed along quite nicely.
  7. Mrs G just got herself an S211 320 CDI on on 06 plate , must say that after her C Class rocket ship estate (purchased while I was out of the country so the first I knew was a phone call "the dogs like my new car" ) this seems much better built and drives well, hers is the later V6 and chipped to 260bhp and seems to be doing average high 30's to the gallon .
    The power tailgate is a good feature , command system works well but Nav is a little cumbersome to use , it feels like a solid vehicle and rides well as she didn't go for silly low profile tyres , but did get the bigger brakes .
    So far only issue has been one of the HID bulbs is on it's way out , the DPF's are prone to blocking so I have convinced her that when I'm giving it welly down the road it's just to save on the cost of a new DPF
  8. Now that is where the Volvo' AWD has been pretty useful, despite it not being a cross-country vehicle. Along with the ability to keep up with Subarus on winding lanes, it's why I keep the Volvo. Do you know if winter tyres make any difference?

    I can only hope my E320 behaves like your 220s.
  9. I did have some mud and snow tyres which were better, no idea about winter tyres but I did buy snow chains but had no chance to use them.
    I bought new chains for my new car but did get a chance to use them but found them difficult to put on with the arches covered in snow, then a BT van was sliding towards me and a car sliding backwards into me. I decided to bottle it and reverse sharpish. I do prefer rear wheel drive cars handling, can't have everything.
  10. One thing to watch on the Merc CDI engines is the Injector sealing washers failing. What happens then is that a little tiny bit of diesel escapes on the compression stroke. It hits the hot block and then evaporates and leaves a tiny little bit of residue behind. This happens thousands and thousands of times and the residue forms a sort of black solid tar like substance all over the top of the engine.

    How do I know? I had it on my ML 320CDI. Same engine. All the merc independents will tell you about it. It's known, in that happy manner that these enthusiasts have as "Black Death".

    Actually, if you catch it in time, it's not expensive. The problem is when you don't and the entire top of the cylinder head gets covered in crud that is really time consuming to remove. Fifteen hours labour to sort my engine out.

    The other problem with it, is that the injector itself sort of becomes bonded, welded if you like, into place and can be all but impossible to remove.

    Merc will just tell you that you need a new cylinder head. Mega bucks, but it is really well known in the Merc community and there are all sorts of cures and advice out there.

    You need to get that plastic cover off the engine and check it regularly. Also, at the first sign of any funny smells, get that cover off, before it costs you a fortune. From maybe £100 if it's caught in time to £1000 + if it's not.

    Let me google that for you
  11. As ice and snow driving, never had any problems with that this year, running on Barums standard size tyres, left the auto box in 'economy' so long as your not lead footed the weight of the car will afford enough grip, if you like steering with the throttle then just tickle it a bit the rear wheel drive is forgiving and the steering light enough( a bit too light really, theres not much feedback from it)
  12. Well I do live surrounded by loads of hills but a lot of times I could have got places in a manual front wheel drive car.I'm not entirely sure what the traction control does other than make a pretty flashing light work on the dashboard. I rememebr seeing traction control demonstrated on Top gear years ago somewhere in the frozen north, seemed amazing, yeah right.
  13. Over used joints? You only open a slot to look at the people in padded cells.
  14. Not wishing to be the harbinger of doom! but I'm interested in this thread so I'll pass something else on that you can watch for and save a fortune now that I noticed the year of the car, FFS get someone to verify what radiator is fitted in that car? if its made by BEHR OK if its VALEO panic...the autobox oil go,s through a integral cooler in your rad and the valeo one corrodes resulting in the oil and water mixing thus ruining the torque converter so it will much have you got??