Merc vito or transporter t5

Guys. Thinking of buying a van. A combi version with seats in the back so I can use it as a car, and so I can use it for dry cleaning deliveries/ holidays with the dog and bikes in the back.
Anybody own either? With any pros or cons
I was hoping to get the vito sport or a t5 with alloys(sporty looking) as I couldn't afford the sport line version

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Used both types at work; had to be dragged kicking and screaming out of the Vito, it was auto and had proper climate control. Deathly quiet with the doors closed, good wash/wipe system, passenger bench seat a torture rack-driver's seat is heaven. Stability control is something else, unfortunately van is crap in winter. The Transporter was low spec with the 5 speed box, hated the turning circle and the corrosion in the number plate light harness. Very good in winter.
I suspect both vehicles are made in the same factory-very similar switches etc-but the Vito is the more refined of the two. Both have very good mirrors with no surprise blind-spots. Vito seemed virtually immune to all but headwinds.


Im still looking for a people carrier type vehicle with a table in the back and rear seats that face each other
You can turn the Vito seats around, dunno about a table. Seen police Transporters with that config.
We had a 2008 Viano 3.0CDI with all the bells and whistles. While it was powerful and good to drive during summery conditions (much more so than the previous generation Multivan/Transporter T5), bits kept falling off and even loaded and with top end Michelin M&S tires and snowchains it was utter shite in snow. Near the 100K km mark it started having more and more issues and we sold it in 2012. Tried the beautiful 25year edition Mulitvan with 4WD & 2.0 turbodiesel with 200BHP, it's too weak for all the hilly driving we do and there isn't a 2.5 or 3L version because of the cap on the VW fleet consumption. It appears much better put together than the Viano / Vito which surely must be about to be replaced now. Thing is, these are NOT made to the quality specs as other MB or VW cars and we ended buying an Audi Q7 3.0 TDI AddBlue clean tech which worked to about 30% less than a Multivan. Less space but the finish and comort are like from another decade.

Between the two the VW must be the better choice but try them both.
Yep, go for the VW, a mate had a Vito and it spent shoit loads of time not working properly.

I've an Opel Combo Tour - shit hot, but a bit small for your needs by the sound of it.
Cheers mate. The mrs would find that too small for the shop we gave. We currently have a fiat doblo 5 seater. Ok really but I'm sick of using my works van at weekends and wanted something nice to drive that will suit all purposes. I did have a vito on hire whilst our previous van was written off. Drove from fullwood bks in Preston to Edinburgh castle. It was a bog standard van and was shite. Gutless and not very comfortable and cost me a fortune in diesel

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Cheers mate. The mrs would find that too small for the shop
I just needed it for kids to school in the morning, then network engineering stuff during the day, then 5 bikes and a Labrador at the weekend (kids and Long Haired Sunray went in the car). I managed to get all the gear in for a 50 seat call centre, PC's were minus cases except 5 admin and 2 servers, get screens locally, UK keyboards plus my personal gear for a week and tools/cable etc from Barcelona to Cluj in Romania, but normally the longest/biggest it did was Madrid and 30
The new new transit is quite nice, no trace of white van man so to speak.
It's slow as ... No power. It's the 2.2 professional special edition. All toys on it. iPod connection, voice control Bluetooth.
It's also too tall. I can't reach the roof rack stood on the rear bumper. I'm nearly 6ft tall. It's because the rear bar is not on the rear of the van.
I've got roof bars on mine and rhino pipe tubes on. It stands over 2.5m tall. No good for car parks. My vivaro with same rack was 2.2m. Just fit in quite a lot of them

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I had a 1.9 SWB T4 for three years and a 2.5 LWB T4 for nine. 70,000 in the first and 160,000 in the second, the LWB was the dogs and miss it almost every day. On the odd occasion that I had a T5 as a courtesy car they seemed slightly refined versions of the T4. I had a window van with a row of three seats on a sliding rail thing on the floor and two rear facing fold down tour guide type seats mounted on the half height bulkhead -not VW kit, but installed by the dealer.

No dramas on the maintenance side of life, replaced the steering wheel at 110,000 miles as I'd worn it smooth, but that was it. The front section of the exhaust including the catalyst was still OK when I sold it.

For a big chunk of metal it drives like a car, holds the road well and my wife was happy enough driving it. Get the single passenger seat, the twin is a back breaker.

The few times I've been in a Vito they had a rather half finished feel to them.
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