Merc fault

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by brettarider, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. Just picked up a '96 C class 280 auto at the auction tonight for £500 with 80k on the clock pulled away from the place Ok driving along fine until it gets to the 50mph mark and it seems like it will not go into 5th once it gets to the 50-60mph area it starts to "bunny hop" engine revving up and down will not go past the 60 mark and revs to 6000rpm gearbox fault or ECU issue?
  2. Had something similar a while back , turned out in that case as low hydraulic oil level in box, also H/oil filter was rotten,bearing in mind gear changes are dependent on fluid pressure it might be along these lines, but in saying that it could be any thing,I hope its not your gearbox because Merc+gbox=horror story.
  3. Worth a go no oil warning light on the dash though
  4. Brettarider
    I don't think there is a dash warning on that year of merc...but you could check the underbonnet gbox dipstick then,on more recent models the stick is sealed and it is now a dealer job,cough allegedly.
    Just to add ...engine ticking over and selector in park to get a correct d/stick reading....dont do it with engine off.
  5. Righty I'll have a look when it's light hope it's nthing as a really nice drive wold have thought if it was the clutch slipping I'd notice it in all gear changes
  6. There is no clutch on a automatic it is a fluid flywheel which work,s by hydraulic pressure ...each individual gear is controlled internally by their own teflon dog clutch the problem doesnt automatically apply to all gears...hope that helps
  7. Sounds like it is changing up a gear then dropping back down pretty much instantly.
    Suggests hydraulics rather than electronic problem, an oil and filter change is the 1st step if there is plenty fluid in it.
  8. Any idea where the gear box oil dipstick is?
  9. As you look at the engine from the front, the dipstick is on the left at the back .. behind the ex-manifold it has a fliptop to release the dipstick.
  10. Doe's the engine progress to top gear and then the revs surge? if this happens it is a fault with the topgear ,a fault which shows up on mercs which have never had the h/oil changed at around 50000,if the teflon/clutch is scored it is very expensive,£2,5000. thats why she was in the auction. caveat-emptor, I really hope it's a different problem with you car, but I've seen this a few times, brettarider I'm trying to be helpful and not rubbishing your car.
  11. Yeah seems to go upto about about 45 changing gear around the 3.5k rpm mark at 45 revs keep going up towards the 7k mark. looking at part exing it for an 02 2ltr x-type jag now :wink: