MEP arrested at UK base in Cyprus

Made me chuckle. :D

How can he be caught "spray-painting a military jeep"? Do we have any Jeeps?

BBC said:
MEP arrested at UK base in Cyprus

A Greek-Cypriot MEP has been arrested at one of the two British sovereign military bases on Cyprus.

Marios Matsakis was taken into custody on a visit to Akrotiri base as part of an official European Parliament group.

The MEP, who opposes the UK presence on the island, recently refused to pay a £300 fine after being found guilty of causing criminal damage at the base.

The Ministry of Defence confirmed police had made an arrest in connection with outstanding warrants.

'Mr Matsakis was found guilty of criminal damage including spray-painting a military jeep and chaining himself to a military antenna.'

Two things Mr Matsakis - 1. What a fine example you are to the Cypriot youth. Why can't you just dress in leather move to L.A. and hang about in public toilets like Mr George Michael did. 2. Try the antenna trick again and we'll press the transmit button.

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