Menwith Hill Upgraded for SBIRS

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Jun 18, 2011.

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  2. Why is this being based in Britain, surely it would be better off in France, who are after all America's Greatest Ally. Perhaps when America closes Menwith Hill then Britain will then be able to start negotiations over the Falkland Islands



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    Menwith Hill remains the best rugby venue I've ever played at - warm welcome, easy victory (they are spams after all), post match sauna and all the beer and burgers you can consume. Anything that preserves such a sporting mecca is greatly to be welcomed, any meaningful contribution to the defence of the West should be considered a bonus.
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  4. My God but your a whiny bitch, Harden the **** up nancyboy
  5. Who the **** calls people nancy boys - pmsl.

    I don't think seeing the inequality within our so called special relationship with the Americans has anything to do with hardening up or being whiny.

    As for Clinton and the Americans it's time we told them where to get off, like their closest ally the French do.

    Hillary Clinton's recent visit to Argentina and the American state departments 'kick in the treeth' to Britain over the Falklands was particuarly galling. Indeed on the very day she demanded that Britain negotiate with Argentina over the Falklands, two British soldiers were killed in Helmand province in Afghanistan fighting alongside their American Counterparts as part of the post 9/11 so called US 'War on Terror'. The picture is of Clinton laughing with Argentinian President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, whilst demanding Britain negotiate over the Falklands, as for the other picture it represents the British soldiers who have died as part of Britain's subservant and loyal following of US State Department Foriegn Policy, including the two who died on the day Clinton was in Argentina with Kirchner.

    Falkland Islands: The Special Relationship is now starting to seem very one-sided - Telegraph

    Hillary Clinton slaps Britain in the face over the Falklands – Telegraph Blogs

    Obama Administration Backs Argentina Over U.K. on Falkland Dispute -

    Whilst President Obama recently was quoted as saying that 'France was America's greatest Ally.

    Barack Obama declares France biggest ally in blow to Special Relationship with Britain | Mail Online

    Barack Obama calls France America's strongest ally. The president gives Britain the boot again – Telegraph Blogs

    The American Spectator : Cruising for Trouble

    This Obama Administration has contantly kickied Britain in the teeth with some British commentators suggest that Britain withdraws it's 9.000 troops from Afghanistan and redeploys them to the South Atlantic in defence of the Falklands. The Americans State Department could then go to their South American friends to see if they would make up the numbers in Afghanistan and send their young lads to the front line to risk death, injury and disfigurement instead.

    Think Defence

    To be honest Clinton's intervention at a time when Britain was seeing heavy casualities in the US led War on Terror was particularly repulsive and also a slight to the 255 British Servicemen who died in the 1982 Falklands conflict. Britain having seen the sacrifice and bloodshed of over 600 of it's young men and women since the so called war on terror began, with many thousands more British Service personnel injured and horrible maimed. The war on terror has also cost Britain in financial terms over $30 Billion, a figure which is still accumulating, with new military action in Libya, following Britain's 40,000 strong force in Iraq and 10,000 strong force in Afghanistan. It is little wonder that after spending all this money, at a time of what is now global financial crisis (ironically caused by US Sub-Prime Mortage Crisis) that we are now having to impose military cuts and curb Defence spending, causing Robert Gates and the US to be critical of us and other European nations in the same boat.

    As for Menwith Hill, why doesn't Americas greatest ally France host it - perhaps because the French would never entertain the idea of having an unaccountable American spy base on their soil. As they don't pretend to have a special relationship with America, and only have one based purely and totally on French national interest.
  6. You're a 1 trick pony, Madam.

    Excellent cut and paste with no real interpretation of the articles other than whining about us mean "Muricans" and Kicking in the teeth.

    Stop bitching like your tampon fell out
  7. I think what I have posted speaks for itself and doesn't need any real interpretation other than the fact we are backing American Foriegn Policy and sending young soldiers to their deaths, whilst at the same time the US shows scant regard for Britain's position in areas such as the Falklands Islands soverignty.

    Then again the US wasn't bothered by terrorism or indeed IRA fund raising until after 9/11, begging the question as to where they were when Britain was fighting it's own war against terrorism.

    I am sorry that I can't put it any more simplistic terms than that, as you are clearly not bright enough to grasp what I a trying to say.

    I would also have thought that most British people and particuarly those on a British Military Forum would be in agreement and believe such siding with Argentina a slight to the British soldiers currently fighting overseas in American led campaigns, as well as to the 255 British servicemen who died in the 1982 Falklands Conflict.

    If you believe otherwise then you are entitled to your opinion, as I am entitled to mine. :)
  8. British Soldiers arent the Only ones dying fuckstick

    Ahh yes IRA funding all came from America, might want to check on Liverpool and Manchester, you'd be quite surprised they arent in America and quite a lot of funds came from British Citizens of a certain heritage.

    Again be a Man, grab those little non dropped testes and stop crying like a bully took your lolly
  9. Did I say British soldiers were the only ones dying, I don't believe I did. Although after the Americans, the British have a far higher casualty rate than any other nation, and have committed far more troops.

    I also think you will find IRA Fund raising was banned in Britain, unlike the US, and I don't recall mass fund raising in the UK, and if there was it would be subject to Special Branch and MI5 scrutiny.

    Again this has nothing to do with being a man and everything to do with the unequal and one sided relationship we have with the US. Indeed probably the best post war decision made by a British Government was not to get involved in the American led war in Vietnam. A decision that todays politicians in Britain could learn a lot from.

    As for the insults and personal attacks, you are just showing how moronic and stupid an individual you really are.
  10. 1. Surely basing it here will give the UK some influence (more than if it wasn't anyway)?
    2. It could defend us, last time I looked the UK had the same level of ABM capability is it did in 1944 against the V2!
    3. More US personnel = more money into the UK economy.
    4. It is in Yorkshire....
  11. I went to Menwith Hil in 2001 on a task to upgrade all the barbed wire and shit due to a load of protesters in fancy dress getting in somehow and generally causing a bit of a stir.

    Rumour had it, that there is a submarine pen underneath it.
  12. "Questions remain as to whether the US has sought permission from the UK to relay data from Menwith Hill to Buckley. Hamilton asked: "If the position were reversed and there was an RAF airbase in Massachusetts can you imagine the American military saying 'You do what you like'?"

    Confirmation that the SBIRS was now ready to go live at Menwith Hill was revealed only in a terse parliamentary answer from defence minister Nick Harvey, who confirmed: "SBIRS facilities at RAF Menwith Hill are ready for operation." Harvey added: "The specific operational dates are a matter for the United States, although it is likely all SBIRS facilities at the base will be operational by the end of 2011."

    A second, yet-to-be-completed project, the Space Tracking and Surveillance System, using satellites, will track missiles after SBIRS has detected them.

    According to peace campaigners, the systems are a key component in what the US military calls "full spectrum dominance" – of land, sea, air, space and information.

    Campaigners claim the presence of the US technology at Menwith Hill heightens the risk of a pre-emptive attack on the UK as a means of disabling America's missile-detection system.

    They complain that planning approval for major projects at the site, whose main contractors are the US arms manufacturers Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin, was granted without consultation, and questioned whether it breaches the Outer Space Treaty which prohibits space becoming a new platform for the arms race."
  13. Ahh Peace campaigners, the Vichy of the 21st century

    Always without agenda and correct, eh?

    "Questions remain as to whether the US has sought permission from the UK to relay data from Menwith Hill to Buckley
    Now the question is why would they need permission to send data from one base to another? Do you want to monitor the Airmens Mail as well? or does Hamilton think the Data should be cleared through himself first?

    Do British bases in Germany need permission from Germany to transmit data to the UK?

    what about BATUS? did the Canadians give you permission to transmit data?
  14. Menwith Hill is not an ordinary base, it's the largest spy base outside of the United States and is run by the National Security Agency (NSA). I don't recall Britain having any GCHQ bases in the United States or indeed Germany. This base as been accused by the European Parliament in the past of commercial spying on behalf of the United States Government and of providing sensitive intelligence regarding commercial deals to US Companies. The base has a primary role as a signals intelligence enclave, scanning electronic data, emails, telephone conversations etc across Europe and the Middle East.

    The base is also home to the US National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), which designs, builds, and operates spy satellites for the United States government. The base provides deep space tracking and operates with nearby Fylingdales in order to give America warning of Nuclear Ballistic Missile attack, something nearby Fylingdales has doing as part of Americas Ballistic Missile Warning network since the 1950's.

    So controversial is Menwith Hill that there are whole campaigns devoted to having it closed down, whilst the media and political figures from across Europe have attacked what they see as an unaccountable infringement on the privacy of European Citizens and European Companies.