Menu suggestions for the dog

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Swamp_Rat, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. Anyone got any tips for food that doesn't make dog sh!t stink?

    Seeing as today it's the new moon I strimmed the yard.

    and once again realised the dog has left surprise dollops hiding in the longer grass.

    As you can imagine, when the strimmer whizzing at a peripheral speed of 1860 metres per second strikes and grasps the sh!t, said dollop soon reaches the same velocity and soon dissipates.

    I tilted my head to look over the clods of it on my goggles but the taste is unforgettable. As Cheech & Chong said: "Good job I didn't step in it" or I'd have traipsed it all over the house and not heard the last of it from Swampette.

    and all this time the dog is sitting there with the look that says "Well if you don't provide me with a bathroom, what the fook do you expect, you soft coont".
  2. Walk your dog more often. He doesn't like sh1tting on his own doorstep any more than you do.
  3. The dog has my deepest symphathy where do you live
    sorry about typos it`s the booze
  4. Whiskey. Works for this dog!
  5. be aware, if you havent wormed your dog recently, you really should go to see the doctor. there are some very nasty paracites in dog poo.

  6. by the way try bakers dried dog food, makes em fart a lot. but at least
    you keeps the shoes clean
  7. devil dog. are you human
  8. Suyuk(a boiled dog meat)

    Suyuk is eaten with specific ingredients or salt. Add heat to the meat by boiling
    water or steam for prevention from cooling down. Ingredients are to be made of
    the mixture of soy bean paste with perilla, and one can eat the dog meat with the
    addition of salt or these ingredients and wrapping it with perilla and lettuce.
    Eating it with mildly-boiled leek is common. When eating Suyuk, Soju(liquor) is
    usually accompanied by for its taste.

    The standard amount of ingredients for one portion.

    (1) Ingredients

    200g of boiled dog meat, 50g of gravy, 1g of salt, 1g of garlic, a little amount
    of pepper, leek, perilla leaves

    (2) Sauce

    It can be enjoyed at one's taste with the addition of mixture of soy bean
    paste, sesame oil, perilla oil, or with salt on it.

    (3) Cooking instructions

    Put dog meat and gravy and ingredients into pan, and steam it with a weak
    fire, eat with sauce. One can eat with boiled-leek. Perilla powder, perilla oil,
    mustard, vinegar are to be added to the sauce.
  9. Mate, add a load of chalk to the dog food and it will be white (remember white dog shit in the 70s) and will just dry up and blow away in the wind. Honest.
  10. Swamp are you Allowed? If you are, I'm not sure you should be... :D
  11. Allowed what?
  12. **ruefully** Sometimes I wish I was. Yep. Sometimes I wish I was.
  13. Allowed to exist, to perpetrate your atrocities with heedless abandon :wink:
  14. Winalot liberally seeded with shards of broken glass. I fucking hate dogs.
  15. can spot the deposits by the little trainers excreted........