Mentoring ANA/ANP

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by StabOfFire, Feb 17, 2011.

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  1. Keen to understand peoples experiences on this, it's what I've put down as my preference on tour and would like to know how people found it and if there is anything extra they'd do in terms of preparation before the tour if they were going again?

    Understand that people probably can't be too detailed or specific due to opsec.
  2. pm me your e-mail, I've a few articles sent me by the place I'm off to.
  3. You will find people have had differing experiences working with the two.

    Based on mine, the ANA where fairly good to work with, willing to learn, did what they were told most of the time, but you had to remind yourself that they can be just as dodgy and tribal. They were always up for a fight though.

    ANP now you will hear all sorts of stories about these guys, we spent 2.5 months living with these people and it was an experience, they had a mindset firmly rooted in the past, thieving, beating and boy loving was the norm, as well as toilet and self abuse habits that would make your skin crawl. They where well in with the TB to the extent where I was 100% sure the commander was TB, unfortunately couldn't prove it. slept with one eye open and the sigg close to hand.

    Saying that the ANP that where up the road and being mentored by the mentoring teams where very professional, patrolled well and actually arrested people, processed them properly instead of just letting them go with "it’s ok we know his dad".
  4. wasn't a mentor but worked with ANA/P... I actually really enjoyed it and found most humble and keen to help. One thing I'd say is if you have the opinion that all locals are 'low life' and don't deserve respect, then this is probably not for you.

    I was always careful when working with them but there were loads of people that would enjoy mocking them and spent most of the time talking down to them.

    Enjoy :)
  5. I thought you were the crypto's SNCO brew bitch!!!!! lol

  6. Ha Ha!!! I wish I was that important! But I didn't pass the Crypto Custodians "Video Gaming" exam!
  7. ANP = Opium and man love Thursdays, they're well dodgy, defo in with terry. Sleep with one open when your with these mofo's
  8. Wait Out and Squigey Pie, when did you do your tour?

    I was under the impression that things had changed with the ANP and how trustworthy they are...clearly not!
  9. As said... I had no dramas with them... They always did as they were told. Maybe I was lucky?
  10. Well ive been back 18 months now so things might have changed but i'd guess not that much.
  11. I did a mentoring job out there. Mainly with the ANA but worked with some ANP on some ops. Can be frustrating at times, and very rewarding at the same time. their biggest downfall is their G4. Seem stuck in their old ways at times. but very willing to learn.
    Dont think they are all stupid, although they may seem it they know when you're talking down to them, angy with them etc.
  12. Think of it this way would you trust someone who used to take opium on a regular basis and have regular boy loving with your life or you guys lives, just because they've told you they've changed :)

    As people have said treat them how you want to be treated, don't talk down to them and don't treat them like mongs, especially the head shed, you get alot more out of them by suggesting that its thier idea and make sure they get credit for the little things even if you did it as it gives them the warm fuzzy feeling.

    Just putting it into context we where just down the road from the CP that the RMPs where shot in.

    On another point also make sure your compound/area has one of your blokes stagging on the inside at all times, you never know who wonders around.
  13. I was on the first British OMLT at Camp Tombstone prior to Shurabak being built, my experiences are they were a bunch of drug taking, bum bandits. The Hazara element were superb and followed instructions. The majority of the time in contact they would fire a few bursts and leg it, leaving you on your 'Jack Jones'.

    Things have changed now with the introduction of a battle group for thus job, previously we had 32 blokes with the Inf Kandak. We had 82 total for the team including CSS and no equipment for job.

    Glad times have changed. Should be a good tour.

    PM if you want me to answer any question. Be it that it was the summer 06 tour.