Menton Day Ball

I attended the annual Menton Day Ball last night. The Ball ends the week of activities held by the 1st SFG(A) at Ft. Lewis, WA. The activities are a joint endeavor of both the Canadian Princess Pat Regiment and the Canadian Special Ops. unit. There are shooting matchs, sporting events and a joint airborne operation during the week. (Canadian & American Para wings are awarded.)

Menton Day commemorates the inactivation of the combined U.S. and Canadian First Special Service Force on Dec. 5, 1944. The first unit was commonly referred to as the "Devils Brigade" during its service in WWII. The brigade was one of the first special forces units activated and is credited with a distinguished record of unconventional operations behind enemy lines. (The linage of the FSSF is now part of the US Special Forces Regiment.)

I'll post this picture of the combined USSF & Canadian Color Guard at the Ball.


The Princess Pat Regiment's Drum Line also takes part in a 'Black Light' ceremony at the Ball, which is quite impressive. Here they make an entry.


Hey - I was there for the weeks activities too! Good fun indeed but bit of a shock to get home to -40 with wind chill! Jump was nice but a few more would have been even better. Oh well, I guess 340 jumped in one day from 2 helos is pretty good nevertheless.

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