Mentioned in dispatches help needed

Just heard from a great uncle that another one was apparently awarded 3 MiD's during WW2 He only found out that his brother was awarded them when the local British legion rep urged him to apply for his medals not long before he died as he never bothered after the war.

SO I'm wondering if any of you who can use the gazette can have a look for them My great uncles name was James Drysdale and came from Glasgow
Just had a quick look and can find 2 references. The link is below if you want to investigate further.

1. No. 870881 Gunner James Drysdale, Royal Regiment
of Artillery (Haddington). Awarded Military Medal.

2. Lt. James Drysdale LAURIE, M.C. (99240)
(late R.A.O.C.). Mentioned for promotion to Lieutenant.

London Gazette

I hope this might help.
Not got a service No He was originaly a cameronian before transferring.

The stoy I got told that he was wounded 3 times and was lying up in a field hosiptal were him and a couple of others decided to bunk out stole a Bren carrier and "ram raided a Vinary or wine store but were so drunk coming back rolled the Bren carrier. This cost him a medal which if MiT is right in saying would have been the MM.

Heard a few other tales of stuff that he got up to as well :wink:


War Hero
"IF" this is him, here's the National Archives link for the MM winner. It'll cost you a few quid to download the full citation. Shows a unit which may give you something else to look for.

Name Drysdale, James
Rank: Gunner
Service No: 870881
Regiment: A Battery 73 Anti-Tank Regiment Royal Artillery
Theatre of Combat or Operation: Middle East (Egypt and Libya)
Award: Military Medal
Date of Announcement in London Gazette: 01 June 1943
He wasnt an MM winner see above :wink: All my great uncle knows is that he was in France/Belgium. He thinks he may have transfered into the para's
and came home with a sten gun(NCO?) He also had a commando dagger which I'm not sure if they were in wide circulation amongst normal line infantry?

He can remember after the war a man sitting in the house and when asked who he was here to see mentioned his brother. As there was a love/hate relationship between them he then asked why he wanted to see that cunt. To which this 6ft+ fella told him I'd follow James anywhere (he was a short arrse)

Uncle thinks that one of the MiD's was for carrying a wounded officer on his back for over a mile. But James never mentioned it apparently after a lot of prodding by the RBL he let them apply for his medals on his behalf and they were surprised to find out he had 3 MiD's

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