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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by carabinier, Dec 12, 2006.

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  1. Could somone explain what exactly what MID means.
    Reason for asking i've lots of old regimental magazines with lists of men of all ranks who were MID.

    What was the criteria for for this?

    Was it simply recorded or was a medal awarded?

    Any help or pointers appreciated
    Thanks in anticipation
  2. Brief answer: MiD is literally that: a mention in the dispatches of a field force to the rear HQ. It is the oldest award for bravery in the British Army, preceeding medals by a couple of hundred years.

    Criteria is basically to do something brave and beyond the call of normal duty, and given where another gallantry award e.g. VC, GC, CGM, MC, etc cannot be given because the action either does not warrant such an award or cannot be proven to the required standard (e.g. for VC you have to be in a declared state of 'war', in direct contact with the enemy, the chance of dying must be judged to be around 90%, you are not foolhardy in your actions, your actions must have a significant effect on the battle and an officer witnesses the event - rather hard criterea!).
  3. I would also add that MID could be awarded for good staff work of an operational nature.

    So a staff officer who has completed a tour and has produced outstanding work that has had an effect on operations can get one. It follows Dread’s point that your name has been mentioned to higher up.
  4. Hi All,

    No medal awarded for an MiD, but it is represented by an oak leaf on the campaign ribbon for which it was awarded. If the mention was not during an action that merited a medal, or a ribbon had not been designed at that point, it could be worn directly on the tunic after the medal ribbons.

    For "Everything you wanted to know about wearing medals, but were too afraid to ask" try this link:

    MiD's are Page 4, section 3, para's 22, 23 and 29.

    Happy reading (some people get paid to write this kind of document) 8O :D

  5. Thanks gents,
    cleared things up nicely for me.

    I got mentioned a few times when during my service, never in despatches though,and never for the right reasons when I look back.