mentally hamdicapped thread where did it go.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mongotamer, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. I demand to know the name of the filth that removed the mentally handicapped thread. Know I sit for hours in my living room with nothing to do.
    I ask for its return immediatly
  2. Calm down trigger, this isn't the forum to ask, however I'll enlighten you...

    It was a thread that was, in my opinion funny in its day but was trashed by tick turds and toilet bowls adding dribble which was either someone elses story retold, blatant lies or about as funny a blistered penis.

    Its currently held in another hidden forum, where hopefully it may get Modded a bit, trimmed locked and reposted.
  3. Don't tell me we have to start an OP-MONG 07 campaign :p
  4. Don't mind me, but if people are still posting to it, then surely not everyone agrees with that statement.

    If there's a legitimate reason for moderating the thread (OPSEC for example), then fair enough. But you can't moderate on grounds of taste.

    Bring back the mong thread!!
  5. We moderate how we see fit, we have been for five years....

    For whats its worth a poll was taken in the Moderators forum and the majority rule was to pull it.

    The thread had had its day, and was becoming an embarrasment. When it was archived in best of NAAFI it was 32 pages of some of the most offensive and funny stuff ever allowed to stay on here, two years of 'Oh yeah I know a mong and ooh oooeerr MMMllllaaaar lolol' type posts trashed it, hence it being parked Admin until it can be cleaned up........ if thats ok with you?

    Its not been missed has it? it was moved a month ago.

    For what its worth, in the beginning it was one of my all time favourite threads, but that was two years ago...... now every clown on the sun as crayonned all over it its cack.
  6. I think it got pulled 'cus there's too many civvie humans coming on the site at the moment and letting them see "ARRSE saves the day is good", but "ARRSE f*cks mongs is bad"........