Mentally disadvantaged chap disrupts Changing of the Guard

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ACAB, Feb 3, 2013.

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  1. From the Wail:

    "A man was tasered by police today after holding a knife to his throat outside Buckingham Palace.

    The dramatic incident saw the man brandish two knives in front of hundreds of terrified tourists watching the popular Changing of the Guard event at 11.50am outside the palace in central London.

    The scene was cordoned off 30 yards from the palace gates and an ambulance was nearby. Two knives with six-inch blades and a pair of Nike high top trainers lay inside the cordoned-off area."

    Police taser man who was 'holding knife to his throat' during Changing of Guard at Buckingham Palace | Mail Online

    All I can say it it is a good job Kent Police were there to save the day, as usual!!! Oh, and nice hat!
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  2. Nice to see everyone doing what the whiney bint on horseback was shouting...
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  3. chitral cap from the looks of it...was he planning to halal HMQ?
  4. Muttering something about not knowing it was pork in the pasties he was making.

    Baker going by the handles of the knives.Colour Coded Caterers Knives
  5. The first taser didnt look very effective the guy managed to get a pretty decent lunge away

    the top picture also gives the impression that the Bobby (Blue Jumper) was stereotypically giving him the Ello Elllo Elllo, Whats all this then
  6. could they not just let the bloke cut his own throat?
    after all by stopping him they have probably abused his european human rights?
    either that or shot him a few times with a glock, would have made the day a bit more fun?
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  7. Nobody with a fixed bayonet close enough?
  8. Mind you, watching the Grenadiers and Coldstreamers mounting Public Duties is enough to make anyone suicidal.
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  9. I thought this was another thread. Which fluffy PC mod changed the title?
  11. Don't worry give it a day or two and he'll have his own column in The Guardian. Where he'll be able to tell all and sundry about how much he hates this Country. And it's all the fault of this Country Blah blah blah.

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  12. **** me, so mad cow disease in action. Oh shit, it was pork - bugger. Mad swine.....

    Should have shot the man......... with the phone, now that would be worth the CNN outrage bus ticket. Hoo humm.
  13. This can't be right. I thought armed police were all SAS Walts who ND into their colleagues every chance they get whilst wearing balaclavas and carrying six pistols.

    Surely the daily mail haven't got it wrong about our futuristic none tie wearing cyber cops???

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