Mentalist/legend scales stupidly high crane and hangs on by his fingertips...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sammym, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. Some of you may have already seen this.

    I don't think anyone can deny it's pretty impressive. No ******* chance I'd do it myself, but he wasn't harming anyone.
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  2. ****. That.
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  3. Not impressive. Stupid.

    Some kid is going to think "I can do that" and find that he can't.

    Then there's probably a couple of security guards who have lost their jobs. And a couple of people in court for having circumstances that allowed it to happen.
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  4. That argument can be applied to nearly anything. It's like saying formula 1 makes young people drive faster and have accidents. Or that boxing makes young guys want to fight in town. The truth is that the bloke who is doing it trains for this stuff, and has been a competitive acrobat since he was a kid. I only know that since I actually know him casually.

    No one lost their job over this. The police spoke to him when he got to the bottom and were not bothered.

    Anyway I didn't post it on here to debate about it. I found it refreshing to watch something which I considered a little bit refreshing compared to most trivial things that go on in life.
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  5. He might get an award soon for being so brave/stupid .......A Darwin award.
  6. He trains for it. You mean that he regularly breaks into construction sites?

    Have you been to a park playground lately? There are 7 year olds who can do what he does. The difference is that they hang off a climbing frame. So it's not as if he has any special ability.

    Doesn't affect anyone else? How do you know that people haven't lost their jobs or ended up in court? It's illegal to provide the circumstances whereby your stupid mate does his "fun" activities. What if a security guard had followed him up the ladder and fallen off? Or if his mate (because he wasn't alone) had fallen off?

    He didn't ask permission, did he? No, because the site manager would have refused because he wouldn't have got insurance for it. You can bet that the premiums have increased since this episode.

    Doubtless, when he eventually cocks up, his family will be suing the construction company because they failed to provide adequate security. And there'll be people queueing to put flowers on the depression where he struck.

    If he's so good, let's see him rock climbing. With the correct kit.
  7. Not this time maybe, but what about next time, if he falls? Not nice for any witnesses or the emergency services who have to scrape his remains off the floor. Not nice for his loved ones that he leaves behind. Not nice for the construction company who has to suffer the negligence claims or the employees who could end up losing their jobs.

    Selfish and irresponsible. I'm all for letting people live life on the edge, but as Puttees says, let him do that sort of thing with the correct procedures in place (such as they do with boxing and racing, as you chose to use them as examples) and in appropriate environments.
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  8. We're going to have to meet. Any chance that you could borrow Poppy's uniform?
  9. My knees were knocking just watching him, but that just made me think:


    Emporer Mong: Look at all those cranes above the Adelaide Oval, you know you could hang from one of them, just like the video...
  10. What's wrong with my own uniform?
  11. It's an imagination thing. I can imagine silk french knickers with a FANY uniform. Any other uniform and I imagine blue PT shorts. Probably stems from Susannah York in "The Battle of Britain". But my mum was a WAAF, so that's out.

    If you can't get a FANY uniform, QARRNS might do.
  12. If you want to do daring and skill, it's got to be a wing suit without a parachute. It's got to be possible.
  13. Were they still inside the warehouse at the time?
  14. That Isle of Man TT thing is dangerous too, and inconsiderate; not to mention free climbing, free diving or parcour ... and that Spiderman film should be banned in case children try and emulate such lunacy.

    Is this the HSE forum or something?