Mental state!

Yeah. If I was any better I'd be out of control.

Mark The Convict

Why? What's your agenda? Who put you up to this? You really think you'll get away with it, don't you?
Fucking shagged! Just got back from a run with the hound....fuck he can run (fucking Labrador's).

And yes, my mental state is linked to my physical state.
Plus some spam to go with it (reported)
I took an eight pack of Spam on holiday one year and handed it out to friends who were young during the unpleasantness with the Deutch neighbours. They said they remember it going well if thin sliced and fried nearly crisp and served up with powdered egg or sprouts . . . but not too often.

Spraypainted a couple of tins in flat green camo and dummied up a label "Spam, Mk I / Lease-Lend / 1942" and gave them to an ex-6 Commando who had a reunion coming up. I suggested he slip them onto the table when no one was looking. When spotted, they nearly brought the house down.

I sometimes exhibit an unusual sense of humour. Mostly.
MTC is quite clearly paranoid, and not willing to share.

My mental state is that I don't give a shit, but I'm not about to tell anyone.
Tip-top thanks. Though i'm getting to old for this shit!
I don't know what I am doing right now. Everything feels different, strange and even alien to me. My environment is the same as it has been since I moved here. My body isn't working the way I would like and I don't feel so good, physically or emotionally.

It's like getting up one morning and looking over the appears the same but feels strange. Like something has been moved or added without my noticing. My patterns are disorientated. The harder I try and continue with my usual routine the more it falls apart.

As much as I expound on living in the Now..and avoiding emotionally based ruts and appears that I have did the very thing I always insist on not doing. Hanging on to things as they pass out of my life...or..I am hanging on as I am separated from my physical life, concerns and structures and I go down into the rabbit hole that is the world inside me.

My body is in pain and the more I try to "fix" it the more things pop up..until I notice I am being given not so subtle nudges inward. I surrender to it. I am not giving in...I am surrendering to the call that I can't ignore. I have no idea where it is taking me..but I am going.

I feel such a strong trust in the calling that even if it was calling me out of this world..and my physical body permanently, I would go...without hesitation.

These are strange times for me. I don't know what else to say.
Well part of me is fine but the other bloke is a right cunt.
Sharp as a tack and brim full of confidence.

My usual depressed, morose, self loathing self will no doubt return with sobriety, but thanks for asking.
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