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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by LeBuzzer, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. Hi all,

    Is their any (legal) way I could find out someones physciatrist? I'm having problems with a neighbour (minor acts of vandalism, verbal abuse etc) and the police are doing next to nothing. I reckon if I could speak her physciatrist I could get things sorted out (and give her help).

    Have a gut feeling that its not possible and I have to continue to pursue the police route until things get serious enough for them to take action and she gets carted off to the funny farm (again).

  2. Pretend your gay and tell the police your neighbour made a Homophobic remark, or say you overheard him shouting racial abuse at someone.

    They'll arrive mob handed!
  3. Why don't you follow her around for a week, hiding in bushes and behind bins etc, and I'm sure you'll find out who her psychiatriat is eventually.

    Or have you considered going through her bins to find old appoinment letters etc?
  4. You have no chance of finding out their Psychiatrist or asking for them to be helped!!!! Give up on that avenue and try to get an ASBO or something similar
  5. Tell the police that she has threatened to kill you and runs around with an M16
  6. Why not just her? Probably be glad of the interaction with you. Are you absolutely sure that this person has a physciatrist?

    Understand your concerns (and the Police appearing to do little), but if there was a legal way that you (pizzed off neighbour) could approach a patient's medical professionals' - don't you think that would be a tad worrying?!

    If there are children around, than the police should already be in contact with the appropriate authorities, but with the constraints of time, etc, I wouldn't hold your breath.

    Hope the situation calms down and that you don't have to resort to Amazing Lobster's advice!
  7. As someone who works in civvy psychiatry, DL is correct. You have no legal way of finding out who someone's psychiatrist is unless they choose to tell you.

    Although the police do have powers of removal under MHA this has to be in a public place, so her property doesn't count. Unfortunately it tends to be a case of something more serious happening before any action is taken.
  8. I was a psyche nurse and, from time to time, when off duty, I would encounter someone "known to the services" who had obviously relapsed. A phone call to the psychiatrist's secretary would put the wheels in motion. I see no reason why, if this woman has been under the care of a local psychiatrist, a phone call, or a letter "FAO Psychiatrist of Ms Mad Woman", to your local Community Mental Health Team, wouldn't alert them to the problem. There are separate teams for the under and over 65's.
  9. egg her on to attack you and then call the police
  10. I thought as much.

    Working on the ASBO at the mo.
  11. Shes mentioned being locked up in a 'nut house' and I've seen heard on the phone calming her down (could have been police though and I used to be able to calm her down).

  12. LeBuzzer - partially light hearted but seriously considered...

    My reasons are very much in leaning to your original postings, the police only do things when the situation has gone over the top.

    I fully understand, that the individual constable can't do anything as the law hinders him thus protecting the innocent (but those who will harm others soon) and leaves people like you and I in a very uncomfortable position.

    I do really think, a lot of mental health profs will be after my blood now, that to lure these people into a compromising position is the only way forward,. The police call it entrapment and for them it is an illegal practice.

    For us it could be a different matter, I am no expert and do not claim to be but....... I'd get her somehow - be inventive ;)
  13. you could always kill her.
  14. Whilst I understand what you're trying to do, I would strongly advise against deliberately provoking anything! You have no idea what will happen. Probably nothing directly to you, but you can't assume this...

    me n bee, I'm assuming you're not being serious as winding up someone who is mentally unstable so they attack you is possibly the supidest idea I've ever heard!!
  15. In my case, its been steadly escalating over 3 years and is now getting worse daily. I understand what your saying but I'm tempted to think that by provoking an incident I'd have more control over what happens (such as leaving my kids with the in laws).
    Although writing a letter to the local unit may be something that could work.