Mental Illness by P Dow.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Peter_Dow, May 15, 2011.

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  1. Let the innocents be killed. (Status quo)

  2. Let the royals be killed. (Republican revolution)

  1. Probably best to be aware that any thread you start in CA will be hooped, Peter.

    Get medical help.
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  2. god your a cunt

    more to the point GOD SAVE THE QUEEN
  3. I'm glad the Queen agreed to sort that old bag out. Dow will be soon. I imagine signing on will be the easiest place to nab him.
  4. I say it's the fault of the republicans for not trying hard enough to create change.

    You're a twat of the highest order, and a pretty fucking sick one for trying to turn this into some sort of political victory.
  5. Nice work Sixty.
  6. Who is this Commie Cnut?
  7. He's only gobbing off to deflect away from the fact that he's a virgin.
  8. I note the moronic arsehole started this idiotic thread here "Mental Illness by P Dow".
    About the only thing he has any experience of! FFS I hope no one bothers to even vote on his nonsensical poll except himself! Really, care in the community can only do so much, its about time he was committed to a secure institution with no access to the Web!
  9. To the Hole, I think: both Dow and this 'thread'.
  10. man that hurts, you cut me man, oh you ment dow
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  11. Dow is a total dribbling mong, and should be put to sleep like any other sick animal
  12. Nice one sixty. Would you mind moving it to the naafi so I can call him a lady bit and a bottom burp without getting told off please?
  13. I think he wanks staring at the images on the weetabix box.
  14. Probably the prodigy of coupling between Lindsey Lohen and Jedward - somebody do everyone else a kindness and put it out of its misery.
  15. i wouldn't mind a go on lindsey lohen