Mental Health

I was just reading the .pdf on mental health and i am a little confused.
Because i have Autism, ASD to be exact. Now on page 6 it mentions this but im a little confused. When it says this does it mean i can or cant join the army?

Disorders of Psychological Development (F80-F89)
3.14.29. The crucial group in this category are candidates with autism (F84) who
should normally be graded S8. Occasionally candidates present with a diagnosis of
Asperger’s syndrome (F84.5) but on examination seem to be normal. Whilst those
with a confirmed diagnosis should normally be graded S8, the original diagnosis may
have been in error and made because of unusual adolescent behaviour which has
resolved. In these doubtful cases referral is recommended

Autism makes you ineligible to join
But check with your ACIO/AFCO
any grading in PULHHEEMS of '8' is 'unfit for military service'

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