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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Bermo, Dec 28, 2006.

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  1. I have a friend who went for RAF training and suffered depression after about 4 weeks in there. He Took withdrawal, wasnt medically discharged but the trip to the medical centre did go on his records. If he applied to the army what would you rank his chances of getting in as. Physically hes fit as anything.
  2. bermo everyone has bad patches tell him 2 try obviously depends what regiment/trade he goes for.the big question is whether he can hack it mentally not physically an i doubt if the recruiter will hold it aganst him about going to c a trick cyclist half the army is certifiable got 2 be to carry on when the s*** hits the fan
  3. Ignore the above!

    Your mate now has a history of depression, noted by service medical officer.

    Entry requirement for all services is no mental health issues for at least two years, and even that will be reviewed on application

    FFS if he cant hack it in the RAf, hes got no chance in the Army
  4. I would have thought (hoped?) that a service psychiartrist would look at each case on an individual basis?

    The depression may/maynot have been the result of training. There could have been other psychosocial stressors at play (a death, family etc). Hop

    Bermo - tell you friend the least he can do is apply. The worst that can happen is he is turned down. But then the TA maybe an option for him too. I was downgraded whilst I was serving and yet passed a TA medical fit as a fiddle.

  5. Fcuk me, what a fanny! Tell the spineless mong to join the salvation army or better still tell him to die. :lol:
  6. In agony on his Birthday...... what a complete wet puff!

    I've never understood how a fella could get depressed, whenever I feel down I reach for my johnson, give it a wrestle and all is good with the world
  7. In the crabs for four weeks and got depressed??

    Whats up, did his duvet cover get some vimto spilt on it?

    If he can't hack it in the civil wing of the armed forces, he's got more chance of growing flippers and balancing a beach ball on his nose than getting accepted for Her Majesty's Royal British Army.

    Tell him to man the fuck up and carry on normal jogging.
  8. I am looking to apply to be an Officer once I leave Uni, however I have suffered from clinical/post-natal depression in the past, each period lasting no more than a few weeks.

    My question is where can I find out about any issues joining? I don't want to apply if it's a waste of time!

    I have been on medication in the past and have felt suicidal at certain times, these issues being covered in my doctors notes.

    Thanks for any and all help!!!

  9. I'm sure post natal depression would not be nowhere near as much as an issue though don't take my word as i'm just a fik para.
  10. Did you have post natal depression or Clinical Depression? I'm not sure you can be clinically depressed for only a couple of weeks, takes longer than that for it to develop and longer than that for the meds to kick in.

    You wont know until you ask, go through the process and declare and wait for the outcome. You should bear in mind that it might infringe on the Army duty of care policies to give anyone prone to Clinical Depression arms and ammunition. A sensible approach i'm sure you'll agree.
  11. The Army will be eager as hell to give you access to firearms and ammunition.

    Depression is a disease of the weak minded, the type of people that suffer are those who think Paul Mckenna is a magician, and those who believe in Goblins, leprechauns and magic beanstalks.
  12. Sh1t..........

    I'm depressed then? :cry:
  13. I understand your pain. All I can advise is to kill your baby and get back on the lash, letting as many men as possible enter your "back doors" using only sand as a lubricant.

    You hooer.
  14. One avenue to follow is to say nothing and just join. Half of the Army kept quiet about certain things on joining. If they find out in the future they will just kick you out for non-declaration. But, if you do not have a re-occurrence then you will be OK, n'est pas?

    My main suggestion is to be truly and completely honest with yourself. If you are asking this question then just maybe the Army isn't right for you. We need people who are mentally and physically robust. If your problem cannot be soving by lager, whinging, or having a fight or a fcuk, or all four, then you may find you won't exactly fit in.

    Do you already have a sprog?
  15. I don't know what the PULHHEEMS manual says ref loonies but I echo the sentiment ref not managing learning to be a crab. I cannot imagine the RAF basic is that hard. If he could not manage that why does he think he will be OK in the Army? His best bet is to attempt to join the TA, see if it works and how it goes.

    I do suspect that he will have to accept that being a puff and leaving the RAF early has marked his card. He may now have to live with the consequences of his own actions. However, the Army is now desperate for bodies so I may be wrong!