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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by misscz, Apr 9, 2009.

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  1. Im wanting to join the army the problem is I once suffered from depression and self harm due to an ex partner mentally and physically beating me at the time due to this man i lost everything in my life my son my family and friends since then i have got away from this and have been clear of self harm for over a year clear of meds a year and same with the depression. i have been down to the army office where i live and iv been honest with them but am sure i will get refused due to my medical history now this is what i really want to do iv been training hard and i have even changed my whole life from this. I have professional body’s who are willing to send letters stating that the reason i suffered from the self harm and depression was due to what happened in the past and that i am stronger and fitter then i have ever been in my life both mentally and physically. If anyone has any information of advice they can give me that would be much appreciated . this is what i want and im not the kind of person to give up and i wont give up on what i want


  2. You would have to have done a couple of years without medication.
  3. well am willing to wait if thats what i have to do it wud have been nearly two years with out meds now like
  4. To be honest Army legislation on these matters isn't my forte. However this subject has been covered on the joining up threads, I suggest you use the search function as the correct policy on the matter has been posted more than once. Be aware the circumstances that led to you having mental health issues will have no bearing on the out come.
  5. cheers ill have look for it now thanks

    info is in there

    If I remember from reading it, if its a single case, and you have been off medication for 4 years you should be fine. I think if its happened twice its a no go though. Don't quote me on that however, as I dont know the ins and outs etc... just going off what I researched for myself

    I was concerned when filling my application out in Jan, was diagnosed with depression (hereditary and potentially re-occuring, cant remember what term the doc used now), and attempted suicide (stupid mistake, however taught me a lot about myself!) that was about 3 and a half years ok when my app went in, was shiteing it that I would get rejected or deffered for the full 4 year period, but nothing, got medically cleared and am off to selection in two weeks

    I took my medical docs in to the doctor and got him to fill them out with me so there was no wait, also spoke to him about the depression, the reason etc... surrounding it, and he wrote a letter to accompany it stating his view that their where extreme circumstances and he could see not present or future issue

    Good luck!
  7. cheers for that pal like i sed my depression and that was down to an ex partner and lost stuff he done i filled the app form myself like and the doc has it now but think i might ring my doc to see if i can get a letter to go with it try and help me along abit but what ever the outcome ill keep on trying to get in