Mental Health Team RTMC (Not RMHP)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by invisiblehelper, Mar 23, 2008.

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  2. All they said to me (and i went more or less out of curiousity) was "see your work health & safety team"! Well, it was Sunday morning that I dared to turn up from Brize and get demobbed!
  3. Like lots of things that happen at RTMC you're right it shouldn't happen but it has plenty of times since 2003. I can think of two guys off the top of my head who needed help, one from Telic 2 and one from 3 both were told to seek help through the NHS!
  4. I was coming off Telic 4. I didn't really need help - it was more of an arrse covering exercise on my behalf due to my work. All was well in the end.
  5. From what they both told me, the Medical Centre during their demob. One of the guys in particular was booted from his unit 4 months post tour due to 'issues' he had and only recently has started being treated for PTSD.
  6. Not as far as I'm aware, both are now out.
  7. Cheers, I'll pass the number on.
  8. Be honest WHO at RTMC really gives a fuck (staff and demobbing reservists) if people might have problems all the staff are interested in is getting you home so you dont have a go at them about having to stay there and the reservist just want to get home as fast as possible the 3 time I have demobed telic one 3 hours after getting to RTMC i was on my way home second time iturned up at 1930 hrs they were really appologetic that i had to over night as everyone had sacked it for the day(I didnt have a problem with that) and i was home by 1100 hours the next day , the 3rd time I turned up middle of the afternoon didnt get to the med center in time so i had to over night and was back at my tac by 1030 the next day it needs someone to grip everyone at RTMC staff and reservists to say is there really any mental issues or did you see anything that could cuase problems in the future and tell people on mobilization that you will stay here for 24 hours on demob
  9. I remember this bloke from RTMC MHT team, cant remember his name, i think he was scottish, and a captain... but on my demob he made me drink copious amounts of gin and tonic and then he touched me on my 'special area'.

    All in all a very positive experience in my view.
  10. a bit of sodding paper that you fill in as quickly as possible to get the feck out of dodge that gets shoved in a folder and not read by anyone that I saw you really think thats enough do you, it probably is for most people but there are those that lie on them at least a 15 chat with a trick cyclist for everyone might identify the people who will need help
  11. Invisible - Nobody wants to spend more than 15 seconds at RTMC so they will grab your forms and fill out the correct answers so they can p1ss off. I know I have... Four times!

    There needs to be some carrot and stick before people will start coughing that they think they're going to hit the bottle and smack their missus about!

    Quite frankly the very idea of being within SCUD range of RTMC makes me want to execute my family!
  12. Do fecking What if you think I am going back to shitewell 6-12 weeks after a demob for any reason you are as nuts as me
  13. I think you should give the guy a chance and stop ranting. He did ask for constructive criticism. If you decide to take 15 milliseconds to answer the correct answers in the correst boxes because it gets you home quicker then that is your shout.

    If you need help 6 months or 6 years later then at least let RTMC mental health guys know your experiences in the immediate interim post-tour.
  14. what you mean the mong who stands up and tells you they dont want to keep you here long(whilst speaking to a group of people) and then fecks off with a brew in his/her hand
  15. Invisiblehelper

    MPAR/Testamonial/Employment Tribunal?