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Alrite guys, am looking for some advice

Have just done my medical with my doctor, and shall be back in the ACIO Friday to do my BARB, now, I have a couple of concerns that I am worried will stop my application

During Nov 2005 to July 2006 I was on a course of anti-depressants. Around mid 2006 I took a deliberate overdose and ended up in hospital.

Very stupid, very selfish

Now, at this time, I was having a lot of trouble with an ex, we have a son together, and she was literally playing games as to when I could and couldnt see him, randomly stopping access for no reason, at times even making me leave during access.

This all got on top of me, and after being told for around 2 months that I could see him, then having it stopped at the last minute, I did what I did.

When I came round, and came to sense, I realised what I had done, and tbh, regretted it completely. I came to realise that there where a lot of things I could control, and things I couldnt. So I started to get my life in order and take control. I came off the anti depressants, spoke with my doctors. Both me and them where happy it was not a concern anymore, and would not be a repeated event.

Since then, unfortunatly, I do not still have access to my son. I havent seen him for 2 years. understandably this affects me, as I miss him. But at present there is nothing I can do, I just have to accept it. I feel a different person to who I was years ago, I have a loving partner and a daughter, we live a stable life.

I know that if I get in, training will be hard, both mentally and physically. I have been training for around 6 months now, and still have some improvements to go, but am constantly pushing to get them. I understand they will probably read my medical forms and be sceptical about my mental capacity to handle the stress and strains of training, and hopefully, active service.

However, I dont want this to hold me back. I have been working to join the army for many months now, and tbh, I cannot think of a job I would want to do instead.

So, know I have probably bored you all with my medical history, and my past, (sorry, just wanted to get the details in, cant expect a decent answer without you knowing everything) I guess the question I want to know is, will this hold me back? Will they immediatly say no, or hold an interview and speak to me about it to assess it, and give the chance to show them it is my past, and has made me the stronger person I am know?

And help, and advice would be appreciated guys


Dammit, sorry, before anyone mentions, I have realised this is in the wrong section

Thats intelligence out for me then!!

Disclaimer - not a medic or a recruiter - speak to your ACIO - they (should) know what the current actual rules are.

There is a 2-year wait on a number of things - your prescription anti-depressants may come in to this category but you're past that point (depending on what they were - this may be tougher). I am not sure what they will do about the attempted suicide - certainly I would expect them to want to talk about it. However, lots of people do stupid things when they were young (many even while young and serving) and go on to have valuable service and successful careers.

If anybody advises you to lie or omit - don't. We don't run the US Navy's "honor code" but being caught not providing relevant information is sufficient to get you thrown out of any job, not just the Army.

Sorry to hear about the ongoing issues with your son. Life sucks sometimes.


Thankyou for your advice.

Have just found a pdf file on the recruiting section (the one where this should have gone!)

It states that with one episode of self harm, which it also states as being commonly a tablet overdose, or cutting, has an exception for entry with a 3 year symptom and treatment free period, following one episode.

Hmm... I will just be outside the period.

The antidepressants where fluoxitine, the basic ones they start most people off on. Indeed we do many stupid things that hold us back, I have spent a alot of time getting my debts in order that I racked up when young and stupid so they wont affect it. Ya live and learn I suppose.

I wont lie, I want to get in on honesty and integrity, not lying through my teeth then trying to make sure no one finds out, seems a lot more hard work tbh!

Yeah life does suck, miss him a hell of lot most of the time, but there arent many more things that can be done, the system doesnt really do anything to help and ensure access is maintaned, on account of it nearly always supports the mother, and as much as she screws with me, and is stopping him having one fundamental thing, she is a good mum to him.


Gears, there are structures in place to deal with the recruitment issues you mention, but Idrach is right, you should keep referring back to your ACIO. A chap I worked with had similar issues as you, excluding the suicide attempt.


Cheers, for some reason I had it inmy head that they would just see it on my app. and throw me in the no pile.

Feel a little reassured now that I can get past it and get the career I want

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