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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Question, Aug 16, 2010.

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  1. I work and do my job ok. I don't have nightmares or anything. I don't feel there is anything wrong with me but each day I find myself on the verge of tears at nothing. I'm not suicidal but if someone handed me a loaded 9mm pulling the trigger would be a no brainer. I get an increasing vision of imploding and don't really know whats wrong with me.

    I know I need to seek help, thats obvious, but who, where and how, I have no idea where to start. A phone number or name would help a lot.

    I've been reading here a while and it is most definitely not a wah so only sensible replies please.
  2. before the rabbid denizens of arrse get here, **** off and go to samaritans. Not the place to post.
  3. Samaritans haven't helped much, which is why I thought I would try here anonymously, hoping for some comradely honesty.
  4. It's not as easy as that, just handing you the 9milly isn't enough, do you know how to load it? Obviously in your case there is only one safe direction, ie, into your head. Just be aware that the round is going to come out and you don't want it hitting anyone else. Have you considered drowning yourself?
  5. Its a genuine ask for help, clearly you are not it. I expected something more serious, this is not the NAAFI.
  6. Are you still serving? If so have you approached your CoC?
    What about charities such as Combat Stress?
  7. Then go and ******* get it, this is the internet.
  8. Thanks you are a great help. Go back to the NAAFI.
  9. Have you thought about just speaking to your GP? Thatd have been my first port of call anyway, nevermind those samaritan buggers. At least you know your GP is confidential and if he cant help then he can surely point you in the right direction. Note that the right direction is most certainly not a 9mil, id have used a motherfuckin hand cannon.

    (My apologies, just watched pulp fiction)
  10. go to your med centre and speak to a doctor . when was the last time you had afull checkup? it's normal to feel down so dont think your different from the rest of us. if your mil you can speak to a trained person who will set your mind at rest, for now just try not to stress out over this issue if you still need help ping me back and i'll find you some .
  11. If you are serving, see you MO. If you are not serving see your GP. If your GP is unsympathetic, demand a second opinion. Now go and do it and stop looking for sympathy on here.
  12. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    100% agreed and a total no brainer. Get yourself fixed properly and don't go to amateurs.
  13. The OP was asking for help to what is still seen as a difficult area for those serving to deal with. It's a shame that most of the posters here couldn't resist getting the boot in, causing what is symptomatic in todays Armed Forces with regard to mental health.

    How fickle people are, Combat Stress has been received positively, not least of all on ARRSE.

    In our current tempo of operations there is an increased possibility of mental health injuries. A broken soldier is a broken soldier, regardless of whether that injury is physical or mental.
  14. Thanks dingerr,

    I'm probably a longer standing member of this site than most of the posters. I didn't seriously realise I might have a problem until this evening when I sat down with my Girlfriend and was honest with her about how I thought and behaved. But I do have a problem.

    I thought of all places here might offer something. Only one, other than you, stepped up.

    PMs are ongoing.
  15. The Padre fella, always a good first port of call you don't have to be a God-botherer and others have said the MO.