Mental Health Nursing Officer

I was wondering if anyone is aware of any schemes similar to the Nursing Officer Transfer Scheme - but for SNCO's?

Any info would be great - even if it is that there is not a hope in hell!
I guess i did not explain that very well!!

At present they are advertising for commisioned officers in any corps to transfer to become a mental health nursing officer. This includes the 3 years course followed by a 4 year return of service.

I was wondering if anyone knows of any similar type of initiative that would allow a SNCO from another corps to do the same.


as far as i'm aware, the military are no longer training pre-reg nursing students. so how they are planning on transferring into the corps un-trained officers to then train them as psychi nurse is a little confusing...... :S
There does not appear to be an end date, and i can not find any news that it has been recinded.

Job finder on the army website are also still advertising it, but due to the lack of information on transfers for SNCO's i am guessing that this form of transfer does not exist.

Cheers anyway.


Pre-reg nursing training continues unabated. Only difference is the Diploma course is going the way of the dodo for the military, and it's all going to be Degee courses now. Not heard of the NO Transfer scheme though!


There will be no pre-reg the diploma course, because there will be no diploma course.

All three Services continue to interview for student nurses, so I anticipate they will wish to continue training them for the time being.
The great difficulty for the Army is that they took 90% of the places on the diploma courses because their candidates had less qualifications than the RN and RAF candidates who largely dominate the degree intakes. There will be two degree intakes per year from Sep/Oct, but candidates will still have to meet the entry requirements.

There was some talk of going to a bursary model, but nothing seems to have come of it.

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