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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by MrNurse, Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. It's possible that I may next month start a nursing degree and also join - if they'll have me- a medical TA unit. I was wondering how much there is in opportunities to do a FTRS as a mental health nurse once all this is done. Will you need a few years experience in nursing or not to be able to take up such a post. I realise we can't see in to the future so if anybody knows what the situation today for somebody just qualified with three years TA experience would be I'd appreciate the input.

  2. Wotcher MrNurse,

    You can undertake FTRS with the regs in Mental Health Nursing, however, the officer cadre is pretty much up to strength, so no slots there at present. The non-commissioned cadre is understrength so there might be a post or two. All depends upon whether the CoC feels that it can endorse an FTRS post as, once filled, it is one less post available for regular folk. Keep your ear to the ground as some new posts may be created in the UK in the near future and also British Forces Germany MH nursing is being reshuffled as we speak.

    Best wishes
  3. Mr Nurse - why not go regular?
  4. You could also keep an eye HERE.
  5. why dont you ring QARANC recruiting and ask?
  6. Cheers for the replies. Much appreciated.

    Sluice_dweller. Yeah I may reapply for the regs when I've qualified though I will have reached my thirties by then. At the moment I've been applying to do my training in the regs and have just done my RSC, but the board for the nursing is in Febuary and obviously there is no guarentee of me passing it (as fantastic as I am, obviously). So right at the moment I'm sweating about making a decision to do my training outside in civvy street rather than risk being a year behind. (Sorry I know I've mentioned this before on other posts so I promise I won't bore anyone with it again).

    What I'm trying to do here is just gleam as much information as possible about future options. Its possible that the army won't want me after dropping out of the recruitment process so I may have to live with that. But I still want to get involved somewhere even if it is part time through the TA and possibly a tour at some point if there is one going.

    Filbert Fox
    Yep, you are of course right that the QARANC are the best people to ask but I just want as much infomation as possible before I speak to 'em, or i'll end up not asking something important, which is what I am doining now.

    I do keep reading in the papers that the army doesn't have enough nurses (though probably less so for MH) and has some problems keeping them so unless they get this sorted in the next three years it could work in my favour.

    I am glad to hear though that ftrs does exist as a possibility for the future, even if I don't get to make a career out of the Army I am going to be involved somewhere.

    Cheers all you've cheered me up.


    Edited for illiteracy.
  7. Not sure that's quite right. One thing I do know; if the Army needs any more nurses, there's a shedload just qualified across most NHS Trusts that can't get a job for love nor money, due to the cutbacks following NHS overspending. I'm sure a few of those will seep into the military.
  8. I did post the Regular AMS actual vs required strengths somewhere on this forum earlier this year but can't find them now. As I remember it, the QARANC is (or was until very recently) one of the Army's most under-recruited Corps.

    I take your point on lots of civvy nurses being available. There are a couple of problems however. Many of them for instance have physical and mental(!) conditions that would make them unfit for service. Something like a quarter of my wife's fellow nursing students have a history of asthma and a fair number are over 40!

    In addition, and speaking from personal experience of recruiting, there is very little interest amongst trained nurses in joining as ORs (what the Corps needs) as opposed to officers (of which there are far too many).

    Lastly, most civvy nurses are like the rest of the vast majority of the UK population, in that they have no interest whatsoever in a military career, either Regular or TA.
  9. And quite frankly, who could blame them!? The nightly news does not make for a successful day in an AFCO the next day, does it!!?! I doubt the problem will improve until several years after Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan settle down...and when will that be!?
  10. Many civilian nurses and AHPs regard themselves as having 'Officer Status' so persuading them to join as acting Corporals is a big challenge.
  11. In the NHS, many of them feel they have "Doctor Status", too. 8O

    *ducks*, awaiting incoming fire...
  12. This is an interesting point. It forces you to re-consider the position of many other nations: Registered Nurses are nearly always Officers.

    What is the general consensus on our position? Should Registered Nurses be Commissioned here aswell?