Mental Health Nursing at Headley Court


I'm trying to find out what sort of mental health provision/support is on offer at Headley Court. I'm a student nurse and going through the process of joining up. I couldn't think of a more rewarding posting in the QAs, but I don't know a lot about what MH nurses do outside DCMHs. Any info would be great... not just for my own info and been good for my board, but it'd help keep motivation up while I'm revising for exams!

Thanks in advance!
Watch this space! Army now has the lead for MH Service Delivery and whilst this currently excludes DMRC, once the Army assume Full Operating Capability in Apr 10, I suspect they will want to get their claws in to as many areas of MH activity as possible.

That may work out OK, though. I have long been an advocate of throwing the whole postings plot open to all three Services. A volunteer is worth any number of pressed men. If staff of any Service are able to express interest in an MH nurse post, pan-DMS, that has to be better than the likely looming alternative - which is that an Army lead might well insist that Cpl(RAF)/LNN Bloggs, say, WILL move to DCMH Pongoville - and bloody well like it!!! The Army remains the least well-manned of the three and it would be far more insightful man-management to encourage willing volunteers than for the Army to revert to type and f**k people over, just because it can. Mind you, leopards don't change their spots, do they. :roll:

Of course, Murse, you could always see the light and realise that it's light blue! :wink:
If you are looking for an elective placement as part of your DipHE/BA/BSc they may take you, I know at least 2 or 3 others who have done this whilst training in Civvie Street.

As far as I am aware both of the CMHNs at Headley Court are qualified to support students.

Don't forget that there are also CMHNs at RCDM.

Thank you for all your replies! I'm arranging a placement with a local DCMH at the minute... Headley Court is too far for my uni to be happy to send me off without checking it out themselves first :? which is a shame.

It'd be nice if they made the DCMH posting a little more tri-service to a degree... interesting!

A number of the posts at Headley Court are coloured pale blue solely for historic reasons (it started its military life as an RAF station). In practice they should all now be purple, so anyone qualified should try to apply.

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