Mental Health Nurses in the Field?

I'm currently applying for student nurse in the army and am trying to get as good as an understanding as possible for the nursing board. They tell me that they make the decision as to which branch (if any) I'd be suited to, but the more knowledge I have the more say I might have. (At least in my delusion)
Right then, can anyone tell me what exactly mental health nurses find themselves doing on operations? The adult branch seems pretty clear and the role of mental health nurse in peace time - ie treating civillians, and squaddies with problems such as depression/ drink etc - I think I've got a handle on. But in the field I can only guess - can there really be enough toms with mental health problems presenting themselves for a mental health nurse to deal with?

Im no expert but I would assume PTSD would play a significant part
Not much different to peacetime really!

See soldiers who are referred - triage them (risk assess) - if feasible treat in theatre - if not - arrange aeromed via crab air.

Mental health promotion.

Advise Commanders about the management of mental health problems.

Do general nursing if you are dual qualified in a lightly manned unit such as 16 CSMR, if not just get in the way and make a nuisance of yourself.

Advise on the management of combat stress reactions (command responsibility)

Care in the community for the TA (Only joking!)

Do phys (Bugger all else to do)

Incidentally - we don't see and treat civilians and haven't done so for some time.

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