Mental Health Nurse!

Hi, Im looking to join up as a MH Nurse.

I have also applied to the RAF, now without that ruffling a few feathers Im just after some advice. :D

Im due to go back to my AFCO next week and will be getting some info the army staff there. I feel I need to apply to both now to keep my options open seeing as Iv been informed the raf are not recruiting many at all.

I was just wandering if anybody had any idea if there are any available postings withing the army, along with any info you think would be useful.

Thanks in advance for any help!
Hi thanks for that, managed to find that previously. Just curious to know before I ask the AFCO if any body knows the numbers you are recruiting this year, if any?

Hi, thankyou for the reply.

Thats interesting actually, I was un aware that the Army now lead it.
Im currently still at uni, im just about to undertake my 10 week consolidation placement. It will then be a case of waiting for my 'pin' which will be around September time although I finish uni end of July.

If the army will be having the biggest cohort, thats confirmed I def need to get an application in with them to.

Think its going to be a long process all over again in terms of, to show commitment iv been to Headley court and spoken to a number of RMN's however they have all been in the RAF not the Army.


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