Mental handicap and the Third Reich

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Zapata_rides!, Aug 14, 2006.

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  1. Helloooooo....

    I'm drilling....

    My name's Zapataaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

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  2. Why no

  3. It is inferred!

    (this does not mean buried)
  4. Would that young boy in the picture you posted in this forum in this thread Monday 14th of August have Downes-syndrome g2_loony_bin? So can I take it then you are happy to beat-up on handicapped children?

    Involuntary euthanasia
    The NS euthanasia programme secretly started in specialized medical departments in 1939. In theory, the programme was aimed at disposing of children suffering from idiocy, Down's syndrome, hydrocephalus and other abnormalities.10

    Saludos Amigos
  5. Spacca recognition level 3 badge for Zapata.

    Do you have a problem with using Downes Syndrome children in photographs? or do they make you feel uncomfortable? would you prefer we only use aryan children in future?
  6. Perhaps we should use actors in our photos of the mentally different (or whatever PC rubbish we are to refer to mongs this week)
  7. I think spacca is a catch all term.

    A.fflicted with
  8. 'The old and the infirm are to do die'
    'Do not recussitate'
  9. [white coat]

    Down, or Down's Syndrome, to give it its correct nomenclature, is named for John Langdon Down - although he originally called it mongolism (hence 'mong'), in his paper 'Observations on an ethnic class of idiots' It has only been Down's Syndrome officially since 1961 in the UK when an august group of doctors met and changed it. In 1962, Mongolia complained to the World Health Organisation about mongs being called, well, mongs, and Down's Syndrome patients were never again referred to by the WHO as mongs, mongols or mongoloid. There is no record of Mongolia ever having complained to ARRSE.

    However, even Down's Syndrome is no longer truly PC; if you want to be uber-correct and sound as if you know a thing or two about mongs, the term to use is trisomy 21 or just trisomy.

    [/white coat]
  10. Not quite the same .Resuscitating someone is quite traumatic,we cant cure death.So eventualy if someone is ill and in hosptial the descion has to be made that if they die they die .Its not killing them its just letting them go
    with some dignity .
  11. It is entering into a cost-benefit-analysis in which the invidividual is reduced to a unit of consumption who'se life is not worth the cost to the NHS Trust budget of prolonging!
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