Mental aptitude tests at ASOB briefing

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by ajt1988, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. hello lads, I have just been given the dates of my Asob briefing (21st/22nd of september).
    My question is how hard are mental aptitude tests? specifically the maths test?
    Ive have a C at GCSE but having neglected maths for five years, am hopeless.
    I have bought a revision guide and I have been using GCSE Bbc bite size, im also in the process of getting a tutor.
    do any of you know any other resources which are good to use?

    Many Thanks for reading.
  2. With a C you're f*cked unless you put in some serious work. On the other hand, its all fairly basic mental maths so you could be alright provided that you are reasonably quick.

    Use the RAF OASC website if you need to work on speed distance time calculations (also useful for the planning exercise), otherwise just practice without the calculator.

    Waterstones has plenty of psychometric testing books if needs be, just be sure to practise all the areas rather than just the maths; Since it's speed of thought rather than just the ability to do what's asked.
  4. The mental aptitude test isn't that hard, and the maths was that of STATS level to be honest. Just make sure you brush up on different types of charts/graphs and go over multiplaction and division. :)

    Out of interest how important is it? I know it rolls over to main board, but what is it weigh in there?
  5. The maths is fairly simple stuff, it's just the sort of thing that you're likely to have forgotten if you've left school, make sure you remember how to do averages/means, percentages, ratios, calculate areas of triangles, squares, circles. It's not conceptually hard it's just getting it done fast enough or problem solving if it's a longer q.

    The qs in each section start off really easy, getting harder as you go on and thus stressing you out more as you've got less time when you get to them. Just don't fanny about and get on to the next q.

    On my briefing we were told these were the most important tests that we would sit that weekend, ie, it is your MAT which pretty much determines if you pass or not. A guy in my group got a CAT 4 because his tests were awful, and in the plan ex stuff he wasn't very good at working out speed/distance/time.
  6. You'll have to define ASOB.It's question 1.
  7. My briefing is this weekend, looks like I might be buggered.
  8. Have a look at the Skillswise on the BBC website, that'll give you a bit of a brush up. It's quite key you get a decent score - I believe if you do badly they will be reluctant to put you through. This was the case with my group at briefing - one lad messed them up badly and got a Cat 4 despite being fairly decent at everything else.

    Aim to do well on the others as well. Read the scenarios carefully. On the shapes, take a step back and look for the common factor. The overall score is based on an average so if you can do well on the others and ok at the maths it's possible to just get told to brush up on this. Above all, work fast but carefully. Don't spend ages agonising over questions, move on and give the others a go, you can always go back.
  9. I have know idea how i managed to do that twice, apologies.

    the vast majority of stuff im ok with but i need to become more efficient with my working out etc so i have taken the step of employing a maths tutor. Good times but i feel a necessary evil.

    I was also granted a gift from god today in the shape of an ex-army PTI who is now our fitness, strength and conditioning coach at rugby.
    Needless to say he has had his fun with me tonite and im guessing every other training session for the next 3 months!

    finally guys thanks for the advice, reading through this website/discussion boards has really en-lightend me.
  10. Cheers for that, I'll have a gander at the BBC skillswise immediately.

    I did quite well on the MAP test booklet I received and i've not been doing too badly on that RAF OASC speed distance time website, however, I could do with all the help I can get my mucky mitts on. I think it was 9 years ago when I did my maths GCSE! You could say I am a little bit rusty.
  11. Are you expecting a particulary racous and depraved Dinner Night?
  12. I expect every dinner I have to be racous and depraved! :twisted:
  13. No swinging from chandeliers. Them's the rules. For AOSB, at least..
  14. Having just come back from AOSB briefing and gaining a woeful cat 3, I would highly recomend to everyone to make sure that you are competent with GCSE maths. The questions are not particularly difficult, however, it is the timeframe that makes it hard. You can do well at everything else but the MAPS test really counts.

  15. Bad luck man, how much of a delay is that? I found the planning didn't really matter that much as long as you showed good VDT calculations and a logical chain of thought. Mainly because alot of people at the briefing have never done anything like it before so it is all relatively new.

    When is you debriefing with your sponsor, he'll break down what you did right and wrong and let you know what your aptitude is like?