Menstruation and an extra chromosone

I put this video in another thread but deleted it thinking it deserved its own piece of the limelight.

Below is a video of a special little girl, so special she was gifted an extra chromosone and pretty yellow frock. The coverage follows her enquiring about periods and a display of sanitary towels to the tune of 'You dance if you want to' with a specially selected cast of backing singers.

We are all going to hell HD (EPIC) - YouTube

All the cast, apart from the normal people were culled afterwards for being useless and of no good to anyone. You just know that the spaz ate that jam rag after think it was 'Rasberry jelly'

Has anyone else captured plate faces being amusing prior to being put to death?

I particularly like the one with the black shirt towards the end who has a bag of soup for a brain, it was almost a shame he was killed, they should have made a video with him body popping or attempting judo or something.
A workmate has a "spesshul" sister in law that stays with him and his missus sometimes, apparantly she "fidgets" for about an hour everynight to get to sleep. The boring cunt won't let me come over and watch when she's staying!
You people are evil, sick, even go sa far as to say twisted bastards.....God bless you all.
Deep down inside I know its wrong and the poor little spazzers don't really deserve the ridicule they get but fuck it it is proper funny.
I saw a moomin spazzing out massively quite recently in a supermarket, the staff didn't know what to do. His carer had to take him down with a full on body slam cos the daft cunt was wrecking the place with his mong know we're all going to hell right?
I wish I could remember the url of the website were I found pics of cerebral palsy mong sagging on a Gimp swing posted them on here a few years back.
I was actually really looking forward to an indepth period/santinary tool explaination :(
Ahhh MDN where do you find this stuff! Now I know where the term Jam rag came from it looked like they had emptied a whole jar onto that one.
I knew a girl who had to stack 3 pads in staggered formation to recieve adequate coverage and abbsorption!
What kind of fucked up family produces a spaz and then sits round discussing rag week?

I'd eat 'Big Sister's' hairy 1960s clopper until I'd worn by tongue down to a nub though to be fair.
How come the Sanitary towel looked more like a first field dressing.. fuckin' hell.. A right wedge in her kecks... You'd think you were going down on a fucking ladyboy seeing that inside her panties!!..
They used to all be that size with loops on either end, none of this wings shit you get nowadays!
you know about this MIT? fuck I used to run away if I knew they were on the rag bloody moody lot
Kerist what a pair of passion killers.

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