Menstruating Whores.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by zero-over, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. So what the hell is going on with all these females coming on here whining about misogyny?

    Fucking slags.
  2. Some of them cant even spell it!!

    Although i would like to disassociate myself in every way from the title of this thread and think all the women on here are very lovely and paragons of virtue.
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  3. I'm not surprised. Women's brains are smaller.
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  4. Why are they on here?

    They should be either in the kitchen or giving a bloke a blowjob. Or both. They reckon they can multi-task.
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  5. It's the fault of the cunt struck has-beens being nice to the fúckers mate. The repellent amongst us appear to be cat-nip to cunts.
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  6. They'd do better by starting off with smaller, less complex words, like 'right hook' or 'suck this', perhaps graduating to 'kitchen' or 'lingerie' in time.
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  7. I never understand posts like this. Women are wonderful, that explains why I have spent the best part of my life trying to get inside their knickers. Zero_Over, you're not an INB perchance?
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  8. Fair go OM! Everyone knows you catch more bees with honey, not vinegar. Or at least a bang on the head with a club and a hair drag back to the lair.
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  9. And reading the macho type fucking threads above I would hazard a guess the last time any of you fuckers had some pussy you came out head first.
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  10. Well I came first, if that's any help. Cunt.
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  11. Guilty M'lud :-(
  12. Par for the fucking course. Did she notice?
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  13. Why should I care?
  14. Jesus Christ ACAB, you wet blanket. What's crawled up your arse and died?

    Here you go mucker.

    Knight Fancy Dress
  15. Fuck You! I spent (spend) the best part of my adult life trying to get as much pussy as possible and you, in a single post, make out that women are some kind of sub human kitchen implement.

    I'm married, have a daughter and have four sisters, all of whom I guarantee could kick your fucking arse into the middle of next week.
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