Mens willies-just a thought

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BANDSMAN69, Jan 17, 2009.

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  1. The other night after circuit training I was having a shower, it is a communal shower so whilst I was soaping myself off I happened to look around as one does: at my fellow circuit trainees and for what ever reason a train of thought entered my head (difficult in my case): I thought aren't mens willies funny things, different shapes sizes, circumferences etc.

    Then a second train of thought entered my small cranium: I wonder if my female circuit trainees have a similar thought, in regards to their their female cohort trainees in respect to their breasts, sizes, shapes etc.

    I happened to mention this at work the next day, we have a mixed workforce, we are fairly broadminded in regards to sexuality and other issues. However, for some obscure reason they seem to think I am a bit strange...not sure I need to see a doctor?

    Is it just me that has these thoughts ?
  2. Yes they must do...but I wonder if they look at their minges and say...umm thats a big minge..I know I would!!!
  3. You are a bandsman, therefore your real reason for gawping at schlong in the shower was because you crave them in you.

    Worry not, all bandies are the same, from the AJSM to the most senior bandmaster in the land, you all worship the mutton musket.
  4. Yes Bandsman it is. I think you may be a closet hermer.
  5. You seem to be fixated by the idea that all Musicians are homosexual.

    Did one refuse your advances in Juniors?


    Edited because I remembered this is the NAAFI.
  6. Doctor or the padre
  7. Because they are, well bandies anyway. We all know Shakin Stevens isn't

    playing an instrument in the military is akin to saying 'I do sleazy sex with dudes'
  8. Is this the doctor you dream of?

    (ps. Finding this photo made me dry retch)
  9. This entered my cranium when I read this,

    Your a f@cking SPAFFGUZZLER
  10. As you looked around at the other schlongs- did you feel yourself washing your soap sodden privates at a faster rate? - you cockaholic.

    this one time, at band camp- I knelt in the middle of 15 dudes and they used my face as a cum recepticle- homo
  11. Bandsman = willy-watcher = hermer.
  12. Bandy 69 - STOP LOOKING AT WILLIES!!!!
  13. Strange that you would know where to look though.
  14. You Sheffield fcukin willy watcher.

    Admit it,your a fcukin hermer and want to come out the closet,this is your way of asking if it's ok for you to be a man shagger.

    Us men don't gaze at other mens c0cks!! :)
  15. I'm kinda puzzled by the title ?

    Men's Willies ? As opposed to "Women's Willies ?"

    The only women's willies i've seen are prosthetic and run on batteries, live either on top of wardrobe, in top drawer of bedside cabinet or in shoebox under the bed.

    Bandsman. Is your fave instrument the Pink Oboe ?