Mens Health Magazine wants your fitness regime

I am listing this request on behalf of Men’s Health Magazine for which I am a fitness writer. We found that we have a very strong readership from our armed forces and regularly get letters from troops who want to know more about fitness. On the Men’s Health website we also have an immense amount of positive feedback regarding any military styled fitness regime.

As part of a new series in the Personal Trainer section of the magazine we would like to run a regular piece (of no more than 200-250 words) titled “fighting fit.” We are looking for keen and fit serving soldiers/sailors/airmen to submit us their tips with the aim of getting them published in Mens Health magazine. If you can outline a fitness tip/exercise that perhaps has a dual benefit ie: a cardio circuit that trains soldiers to run in full kit but also has massive fat-burning benefits for us mere mortals, or perhaps a workout designed for a confined space while on Operations that doubles up as a home workout. Why not give it a go and submit us your tip.

Our readers love army stories, so we'd very much like to have to get a current real-life member of the forces to write up a little about what they do to keep fit.

We are interested in real soldiers that use interesting techniques to train themselves, pro-active and useful - hence the reason this post is here. The idea is for fans of the magazine to get their fitness regime mentioned along with their name, regiment and rank.

Please limit your contribution to 250 words, we are not after someone’s full training diary with all their sets and reps but are rather after novel and new ways of keeping fit from real serving armed service personnel.

I look forward to hearing your responses.

Kind regards

Ray Klerck
Fitness writer
Men’s Health Magazine

Good CO has approved this

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