Mens delicate Bits

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by doctrine, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. I was speaking to my soldier boyfriend this morning,I was thinking how to approach the subject of checking his personal bits.

    With me being so shy I found this website and sent it to him I was so happy that he thanked me for bringing the subject up and asked if i would help him :D
  2. A very commendable act, trying to raise awareness of this 'delicate' mens health issue.
  3. pentwyn, you dont have a boyfriend.

    If you do have one, you could get him to check your private parts. Apparently, they are in a jar in Cardiff Hospital med Lab.

    Go away you internet pest.
  4. How can you tell that it's her. Apart from the poor use of the apostrophe...
  5. That, and the unique style of writing. It's as good as a fingerprint. No-one else makes the same elementary mistakes so consistently.

    Edited for typo
  6. What is it, with balls today! :)

    *Are you lot having a secret jib at me because i'm single!
  7. I don't get it, where's the humour in the article.

    Why has medicine become so liberalised as to allow "So, while in the tub, continue to take notice of the weight, shape and coloration of each testicle and report any noticeable changes to your doc."

    Don't do that. Don't book an appointment to go to your GP and tell him your burnt sienna testicles are now cornflower yellow, because you know he won't give a f*ck and sure as hell won't know any more than you about testing for testicular cancer. He might put his finger in your arssehole if he likes the look of you, since the Hippocratic oath includes a necessity to check the prostate whenever entirely unnecessary, if only to cover the cheap glove issues in UHTs and pathogens so f*cking active that it's necessary to send more loads to the furnace to waste tax payer cash.

    When I was doing medicine, I fingered many an asshole in the name of patient care, and I was surprised to find quite how many straight looking blokes blatantly took it in the arrse. Smooth muscle fatigue is so obvious. The point of this paragraph is to make this thread have a point of interest - if you take dick and want noone to know, don't let your doc finger you.
  8. I don't understand why people seem to think that men need to be told that they need to check their testicles, and then patronisingly how.

    Surely it's instinct for every bloke to do more-or less what they describe everytime you're in the bath, shower, bed, on the sofa, bored at work... I could go on!

    And on a slightly related note... from the above link:
  9. on the train, on the bus, in the car, in the cinema, in court, incognito...
  10. Just because blokes like a feel while watching TV, in the shower etc does not necessarily mean that are likely to feel correctly and detect a small lump!

    It's not patronising, it's information. Take it or leave it, but don't whinge about it, it might save someone's life!
  11. It's barely worthy information; most sufferers never turn up until they get abdominal aching and feel like their balls weigh 20kg each, despite noticing lumps. It's also such a rare cancer that the amount of press it gets is disproportionate to the amount of cases. Kind of like the THEM of medicine.
  12. Ever played with those chinese stress balls? You'd notice a lump on one of them quite quickly. Not meaning to be pigheaded, but I do reckon it is as simple as that.

    I think Burton is spot on, guys notice but don't deal with it.

    At the other end of the spectrum, an ex-girlfreind made me go to the Doc with what turned out to be a cyst- I felt like a complete hypochondriac!

    [That's quite enough of my intimate and disgusting secrets.]
  13. Thank you for the proving the point of the campaign!! The point being to heighten awareness to prevent stubborn, embarassed blokes leaving til it's too late! :idea:

    Every year in the UK nearly 2,000 cases of testicular cancer are diagnosed in the UK.

    Testicular cancer causes around 90 deaths in the UK each year.

    (Source: cancer research UK

    You're right, not as many as lung, etc etc, but try telling those 2000 a year that it is insignificant.