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Menopause - Blokes - It's all our fault!

OFFS- as if it isn't bad enough when you eventually get saddled with an: evil, rabid, moody, sweaty, evil, moody, sweaty again type dried up old trout who no longer changes her own oil....now the psycho style "no longer up on blocks bitch" can blame you for it......

BBC News - Men 'to blame for the menopause'

....and all because we are all filthy fucking paedophiles apparently!

I'm off to the pub.
My Mrs told me she thinks she's going through it.I replied I think you've been going through it for twelve years.She's not spoken to me for a week now.


No such thing as menopause, its a myth, just like PMT and pain giving birth !

Im off to hide now, bye bye
If it's our fault and you hate us for it, i would formally suggest from now on you are a "wo", not a woman, we don't want you to have that constant reminder of men all the time do we? :wink:
It's just another excuse for her to have a go at me for something that started WAY before I was around, I had no input about it, is nothing to do with me, but is my fault apparently..... go figure!!!
I have just split up with one who was going into it early as she has policystic ( hope I spelled right ) ovary syndrome which after some heartache I admit I have manned up can only say what a relief as a few more months of it and I would have needed a shrink or descended into full on alcoholism.
When the vile gubment have finished giving smokers a good kicking for daring to look at e-fags, perhaps they'll consider the diseases and health hazards posed by snatches and the associated stress casualties!
if it happened it was my fault !
if it didnt happen it was my fault!
if it was meant to happen but didnt its my fault !
if it wasnt meant to happen but did its my fault!
if its going to happen sometime in the future its my fault !
if its going to happen in the future but doesnt its my fault !
welcome to my world !!!

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