Menopause - Blokes - It's all our fault!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cernunnos, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. OFFS- as if it isn't bad enough when you eventually get saddled with an: evil, rabid, moody, sweaty, evil, moody, sweaty again type dried up old trout who no longer changes her own the psycho style "no longer up on blocks bitch" can blame you for it......

    BBC News - Men 'to blame for the menopause'

    ....and all because we are all filthy fucking paedophiles apparently!

    I'm off to the pub.
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  2. Of course it's your fault! You're men! ;-)
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  3. My Mrs told me she thinks she's going through it.I replied I think you've been going through it for twelve years.She's not spoken to me for a week now.
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  4. It's bound to be your fault, you're a bloke and you're breathing...

    And PMT stands for Post Marriage Tension, not what you think....
  5. No such thing as menopause, its a myth, just like PMT and pain giving birth !

    Im off to hide now, bye bye
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  6. You say that like it's a bad thing. Women like that are hard to find. I wish mine would STFU for a week
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  7. Up on blocks again???
  8. Radio silence is a marvelous thing....better even than free beer....and they think they're punishing us!
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  9. If it's our fault and you hate us for it, i would formally suggest from now on you are a "wo", not a woman, we don't want you to have that constant reminder of men all the time do we? :wink:
  10. 23 years I have put up with it from the Frau and she is still going strong. It's a battle of wills between us and I will WIN evil cow that she is.
  11. Every bloody thing is our fault. I am guilty of everything in this house.
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  12. It's just another excuse for her to have a go at me for something that started WAY before I was around, I had no input about it, is nothing to do with me, but is my fault apparently..... go figure!!!
  13. Stella Artois provide a great service helping to resolve domestic disagreements. They're noted for it.
  14. I have just split up with one who was going into it early as she has policystic ( hope I spelled right ) ovary syndrome which after some heartache I admit I have manned up can only say what a relief as a few more months of it and I would have needed a shrink or descended into full on alcoholism.
  15. When the vile gubment have finished giving smokers a good kicking for daring to look at e-fags, perhaps they'll consider the diseases and health hazards posed by snatches and the associated stress casualties!