Menezes mother: Sir Ian must go

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Plant-Pilot, Sep 28, 2005.

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  1. BBC News Link
    The mother of Menezes, the lad shot by police in London is demanding that Sir Ian Blair resigns.

    Now I know that she has lost a son and has the right to be upset about it, who wouldn't be. But I don't think she has a right to interfere, or even think she has, in how the British Police Force is run.

    Added to that there are lots of headlines about her 'demanding explenations' and 'the truth', again understandable, but if that's what this trip is all about she should have waited for the investigation that is underway to finish so that it could publish it's findings. Demanding things before they are ready is either a demand to rush the investigations, which isn't helpful, or a demand for it to reveal what it's found so far, and that won't be the truth would it?

    I don't have a problem with taxpayer's money being spent for her stay here and for the air travel there and back, but would have two questions. Why now and not when the investigation has finished? And, if it was a British mother who had lost her son in Brazil, statistically a much more likely prospect to be honest, would the Brazilian authorities do the same for her and her family as they are having done for her?
  2. It's not just her, "Mr Menezes' parents and five other relatives are on a two-week visit to the UK, paid for by Scotland Yard."

    And, if the statement from their lawyer, "the family had declined an offer to meet Met police chief Sir Ian Blair during their trip, adding: "It is not appropriate for them to meet him as he is a witness in their case", is correct and they want everything done above board so that justice can be done, how come they are trying to influence any investigation by calling for the chief commissioner's resignation and saying that there has been a cover up? They can't have everything, but it seems they can have the whole family over here on an all paid two week trip, and say what they want in the news.
  3. If we had tighter border controls, we wouldn't be in this farce now. Bloody illegals. More rights than us.
  4. Of course, a Brazilian like herself would no nothing about the police hunting down people and killing them. I mean, all those street kids just must have topped themsleves in the 80s.
  5. F**K it has she got an in date Visa. No well then Bye, Bye. Why we should pander to her just she’s become Galloway’s pet project in destabilizing the country. As to Blair Resigning over What, Lying about facts hardly likely really is it might set a president that his name sake Tony would have to follow.
    In modern life you don’t resign when you get caught out but when you are sick of being associated with your peers that are constantly being caught out.
  6. Is it true that she and all the family members hard targetted from the airport to the hotel?
  7. Sir Ian Blair has a pretty tough job at the best of times, notwithstanding incidents like this. His resignation would prove nothing nor benefit anyone.

    I sympathise with the Brazilian's family, as I would with anyone in tragic circumstance such as these.

    However, the whole thing smacks of column inches in the tabloids and fat checks for the legal profession.

    Off on a slight tangent, anyone see articles about the muslim brief who letter dropped British Asian families in Leeds askeing them not to co-operate with the Police but contact them instead - stike her and her company off or what. This is tantamount to treason!!
  8. Yes, strike them off. Even estate agents have guidelines that they should work within these days. Can't these scum so called lawyer get done for obstruction or something?
  9. Don't strike them off just kill them.

    I know I know. Last time I said that the thread got removed.
  10. We need tighter laws of immigration, legal or otherwise. All short term Visa visitors should have a timed explosive device attached to one of their legs.
  11. It is a media led story,whether we like it or not the De Menezes story is more interesting that the straight terrorism of the other victims' stories. The De Menezes case, for example involves allegations of a police cover-cock up and it wasn't the terrorists who killed De Menezes it was the police.

    It may be that mother's grief is difficult to watch and her demands may be rather extreme but she is a mother in mourning and untill the media agenda changes her grief will viewable for all to see and hear.
  12. Completely agree with PP here. Whether the poor bloke was here illegally or not - is not the matter, its the way he met his death and how it was dealt with after. And I can definitely sympathise with the parents BUT what's with the two week tour of Stockwell Station? For the whole family? Although there is an investigation that's ongoing at the moment, we know the bare facts as it is - he was innocent, he was chased, then shot, then 'someone' tried to cover it up. I just don't understand the need to keep raking up the poor man's name in the media over and over again while there isn't threat of the public forgetting who he is and, as far as I know, is it doing no good for anyone apart from those who feed off the publicity(not neccessarily the family). And I can't see Ian Blair resigning over this either - apart from the family, is there anyone else calling for his notice?

    There is apparently a shrine to the man near the tube station where people are invited to join the vigil there every Friday.... for gawds sake man, make him rest in peace - at least until the investigation is over. Of course there's no mistaking the grief of losing a close friend/family member especially your child but to me, its just looks a big PR circus seeing how much money and air time they can get out of all this. I wouldn't be surprised to see the film rights offered by the end of the year. :roll:
  13. Just watched it on the news. I was initially quite sympathetic towards them. It's obvious that the media are running this thing, but who is she to demand that police officers be arrested.

    Who is she to demand anyones resignation? She comes from a country where the police effectively 'culled' children and there's been one or two 'questionable' deaths in custody.

    I'm rapidly carreering towards 'couldn't give a f*ck he shouldn't have ran in the first place' mode.

    There was a bit of confusion over his immigration status......was he legal or not.
  14. Is this the "I can try and recover some face for the unfortunate comments I made before we knew what happened" thread?