Menezes acted like any commuter

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Biped, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    If he'd been an ordinary commuter, he would have bought his ticket, stood on the platform for a while before jamming himself with some force onto a packed commuter tube, and then stood there reading the same advert judiciously for ages to avoid eye contact with anyone else on the carriage, whilst trying to see down the cleavage of a fit bird through the reflection in the glass opposite out of the corner of his eye. Whilst doing this, he would have been sweating loads and trying to hide his armpits. Then he would have alighted from the tube train, before climbing the stairs, going to the ticket slot that said closed, missed three places whilst he got in the right queue and then gone on his miserable way.

    Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but an average commuter does not get chased by SO19 before spreading his brains all over a perfectly serviceable tube carriage.

    Thoughts please: What should he have done differently?
  2. Duvet day?
  3. Stayed in fcuking Brazil the illegal cnut!
  4. And if he had left britain 9 months earlier when his visa expired It could not and would not have happened! Tragic but ! if he was not there it would not have happened!
  5. I didn't know 'any commuter' had to get shot in the head multiple times?
  6. The sad fact is he was as much a victim as those killed and injured on 7/7. I also include the guys who shot him as victims. Still probably would have been alive if he had not outstayed his visa.
  7. Wasn't he shot something like 7 times in the head? Thats a bit harsh, you'd think once would have been enough, twice to be on the safe side, three times just to definately make sure he's dead, but seven times! F*ck me, I feel sorry for the poor fatherless that had to clean that mess up
  8. 'Any' cummuter? Tried to board the train/tube before letting people off, shoulder barged passengers out of the way to make a closing/opening door,never offers to give up their seat for someone elderly/infirm/up the stick.

    Perhaps London Transport staff should be armed!
  9. I bet he dribbled like a mong on the sunshine coach once he'd had his skull ventilated seven times.

    So - not like ANY Commuter eh? Feckin Press inaccuracy......
  10. Harsh. Nope!!!

    He was thought to be a suicide bomber by the copper who done him. So good drills that bobby for trying to end all brain functions as quickly as possible.

    A lad in our company on Telic put 40rds (About 60 were fired) out of a minimi into a geezer with an RPG. He wrote his statement as usual handed it into the Ops O who later informed us that a Monkey S/SGT who proof read it said "Good fcuking drills that is."
    Once you make the decision to do it, you make sure you do it properly!
  11. I do agree actually if it was me I would have done the same (so long as I wasn't the one tidying up after!)
  12. The cop shoot the man because he was belived he was wearing the emporers new sucide belt. Poor integence and poor policing. If they had belived his to wearing this bomb why did they wait for him to enter the train. I think think has only been accepted because it was near the bombings but that should not have affect there objectivity.
  13. Yes it should. When the alert state goes up you match by becoming more robust. In the same way that when the alert state went up in Afghan around january/feb 2006 Rules of Engagement became more robust to match the threat.

    Good drills all the coppers on the ground. Bad drills the intelligence system that led them to him.
  14. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Would i be right in thinking more than one copper fired? would explain seven wounds...
  15. Three double taps and a nervous single thrown in for good luck. Not out of the question at all definately not at close range.

    However more than likely more than one opened up. If it was only one though i have no problem with it.