Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by phil33eod, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. QMs.
    You can all have the new boots lads......unless of course you have big feet! If your feet are size 11 or larger....well (teeth sucking) it's a bit tricky you see. Your abnormal, outsize and those chaps down at Mendley don't make them that big.

    Troops what do us big foots do then?

    Get a doctor's note.....dead easy.

    So we can have some of those loveley comfy boots like all the normal soldiers?


    Troops round with doctors note tomorrow!

    Er well not quite. You can't have em til your end of tour. See we have to get em made special and that takes ages see.


    But you can order em online and the MOD will pay you back (nose grows to Pinochio proportions)

    So you can get me some from the web then?

    No afraid not old son.....

    Hornswoggled again
  2. Meindl make hillwalking boots up to UK13 and you can buy them off the shelf.

    I would be inclined to think your QM was telling porkies about the special order except such a thing would be completely unprecedented.
  3. Mind you it's a bugger getting the trifle out of the eyelets...
  4. Groan! Comments like that mean you will get your just desserts......... :)
  5. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer


    Nearest I could find!
  6. napier

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    No, there's more.
  7. I got skiffed with hi-tek shitnums too, stupid big feet.
  8. Bought Mine in the New Naffi at the COB....they were going for about £90....Feet were in tatters and the boys were in front of me in the wait line...

    We were told they were on issue after that it took 2 month to get a set of Med boot for one of our blokes.....and then it was the HiTec boot..!
    by that time he had bought boots...we could not claim the money back as QM's had supplied boot....(You have to forget the 2 months!)...

    Hope the Mendal comes online to issue for all..its a good boot!
  9. I got a pair of size 12 Meindls from the QMs, no probs. I'm wearing them now and have been for the last 4 months (sigh).
  10. This is from someone who should know the bobby on this. Doesn't mean you get Meindls for size 13+, but at least you know what is available!

    Meindls are available through the system up to a size 12L.
    The initial contract couldn't provide enough for the MOD requirement, which may have led to some delay in initial issues.
    The desert boot that looks like the jungle boot but yellow and suedey(?) are avialable up to a 15L.
  11. 15L?!!! His poor wife!
  12. I've been deployed on the ground since May, and I'm still waiting for my boots!!!

    Was firstly told that we were all getting them at the begining of June, waited and they never came, was then told I needed a doctors note, got one gave it to the QM's to order and am still waiting!

    Cheers Army!
  13. Well big shoes...............

    big socks.
  14. Just tried to sign some out of stores to be told that they only come in one width fitting, which seems to be narrow. Do they deffinately do them in different width sizes or am i just being seen off?