Men you shouldnt fancy...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Potential, Dec 12, 2005.

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  1. Following on from the "women you shouldn't fancy but you can't help it" thread - here's the one for the girls!

    Which blokes would you do but wouldn't admit to your real friends?

    Quite like Richard Hammond from Top Gear even though he's a midget!!
  2. The two HimShe's in the Bounty kitchen towel adverts . The Ad

    I just dribble in awe at what you'ld find under those dresses..... :D
  3. OOoooof yes i agree with u there! plus it doesnt matter how tall they are when lying down :lol:

    I also have to admit to fancying the pants off kilroy and Frank Skinner, oh and Trevor McDonald.
    :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
    Taxi for TD!!!
  4. Which all goes to bear out the saying that no matter how hard we blokes try, we will NEVER understand women......
  5. TREVOR MCDONALD?!?!!!?!!!!?!?!!!!!! :lol: Td are you sure?!

    Orrrf yes to the Hamster off of Top Gear, and Clarkson - grrrowl!

    Also I had and unhealthy amount of ' orrrffff' for Capt. Gibbs from the Queens Cavalry on the BBC.......
  6. Which would be why we don't try
  7. I have to agree with that one- he is on my screensaver at the moment..... if you go to the brainiacs website you can find a delicious assortment of pictures. :D

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  8. I saw Marty Pellow on a show a few months back, he has had his hair cut and he is H O T, far too old for me and I generally don't go for older men but wow!!!

    Have to agree on the Richard hammond one aswell, he has that cheeky little look about him.
  9. ... oh yeah - Richie Hammond. I'd let him drop crumbs and everything.... In fact he IS a babe and it's a well known fact that short men try harder. Mind you, you would be a bit gutted if he was in proportion (if you get what I mean).

    Also, the lad who played Cedric Diggory in the lastest Harry Potter movie would benefit from several sessions of biology practical supervisions from me. Oh yes... It's wrong cos he's only 18, but hey I can dream.

    Still standing by Kenneth Branagh though.
  10. Harry Potter..... :D It's legal to perve now, he is officially 16. Oh that scene in the bath in TGOF.......... sigh.......... :wink:
  11. mmmm Yeah Cedric would get it, I spent the whole of the film cooing over him.

    I also have a thing for the guy that plays Mickey in Eastenders, I really can't understand why, I think maybe it's the accent.

    Also Billy Joe from Greenday. It really is no wonder my ex said I have the weirdest taste in men.
  12. ...actually - hm HP in the bath. I was feeling a little 'Rosemary West' during that particular scene myself, and made the mistake of turning round to the mate that I went with and saying - 'he's been working out', thus triggering a look of utter disgust from said mate (a bloke). Mind you he was too busy having thoughts about 'Cho Chang'.

    Still - I'd rather shag Cedric - he's taller and he IS a babe. I really want to break him in....
  13. Hermione Granger scrubs up well...
  14. bizarre.... 12 posts and I still haven't been mentioned...

  15. This is because we don't fancy you.