Men - Women Will Agree

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. Apparently many women hold to this belief:

    " Men are awful...They're immature. they're either whining fools or they're preening gasbags. To get the picture, just look at the junk e-mail that arrives in the inbox of any man whose 'address' makes it plain that he's a person of the male persuasion.
    Men are eternally being pedalled devices to ensure a bigger penis, pills to cause permanent erections and lists of women who live nearby and are allegedly ready, willing and able to engage in sexual activities at a moment's notice.
    Given the general theme of these sales pitches and the obvious gullibility of most men, it's little wonder that the other sales pitches suggest that expensive watches can be had for five bucks and some lottery the recipient has never heard of is about to award the lucky stiff half a million bucks..

    Yup, it's assumed that men are stupid.."

    Does anyone have a problem with this? Sounds just like me so far...
  2. Men vainer and more gullible than women?

    Whoever thinks that didn't take into account all that 'anti-ageing' cream that gets sold. 'New! Now contains pro-roxynitroziton.'
  3. Women like agreeing with sweeping generalisations about men because their partner didn't cave in last night when they drummed their little fists on the carpet. They're devious, manipulative and short-sighted, only interested in their own comfort and security - the fact so many want to drive 4x4s along urban streets because they 'feel safer' proves that. They're unstable, irrational and incapable of directing their energies, yet that is all somehow the fault of the man in their life.

    See? Two can play at that game.
  4. Dont set Halo_jones off , she'll be around somewhere :twisted:
  5. You're not still using pro-roxy-n are you? That's soooo last-week. Try some Dihydro-lipamorphs, guaranteed to give your man a bigger hard-on when he sees your new, silky smooth skin.
  6. I thought penta-peptides were the way forward. And halo_jones will be here soon enough, as soon as she's finished stuffing her fissog with cream cakes.
  7. As some one much wiser than me says

    Snakes with tits the lot of 'em.
  8. 'New - Nivea Visage Oxygen Power Night Care with 15% oxygen. The infusion of 15% extra oxygen initates an in-creased cell renewal, speeding up the creation of new, healthy skin cells. While you are sleeping, your skin is revived & regenerated from deep within..'

    Unlike air, which has 21% oxygen. And is a little cheaper.

    Thick bints. And all the other things carrots says. If they didn't have tits I'd be all for banning them.
  9. Smartascarrots put it perfectly.

    But on the whole they havent done bad for what started out as a Spare Rib, although my ex wife is a walking argument for the fact men would be better of with the rib back.

    Poorly designed though, the intake is far too close to the exhaust.
  10. And the waste treatment plant is sited too close to the recreational area.
  11. Smartascarrots put it perfectly.
    Poorly designed though, the intake is far too close to the exhaust.

    Designed by an Arab....who else would site the WC right next to the Palace....and I'll thank you not to repeat that to Mrs. Pet Rotweiler :)
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Another truism, if its got tits or wheels you're going to have problems with it.

  13. You all say that like it's a bad thing :donut: :hump:
  14. Have just read that it is now thought that Eve was actually made from Adams baculum which explains the "scar" and why we men don't have one.
  15. Which explains why their natural habitat is on the end of the penis. We are just reuniting ourselves with the part that got nicked.