Men Who Stare At Goats

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MrPVRd, Nov 7, 2004.

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  1. Book and TV, Sunday C4 9pm. Excellent entertainment!

    A US Army officer gets sent on a fact-finding mission in the 1970s among the Californian hippie community to look at "new age" warfare - what a detachment that must have been! He comes up with the concept of the "First (Earth) Battalion" in which the idea is to enter combat zones carrying lambs, playing soothing indigenous music and to develop the concept of the "warrior-monk" with the ultimate ability to walk through walls and think people dead!

    Apparently there is a "goat lab" at Bragg where soldiers attempt to stare goats to death. And Rummy has recalled a "hamster killer" to stare Guantanamo detainees into spilling secrets!
  2. MrPVrd's artical said:

    Are ya sure that wasn't just Corporal and ctauch 'staring at sheep?'

  3. Could you please add some coke to the meths before you drink it next time? Now toddle off to the bottom of the garden and count some fairies, there's a good chap 8O
  4. One bloke was so convinced of his ninja-like invincibility that he lay down as a jeep drove over his stomach. This normally worked if the driver slowed down to a crawl, but on the last occasion the driver was unaware of this and drove over at speed, killing the stuntman! The US military claimed later that he was killed in a helicopter accident in Nicaragua!

    The hamster killer conveniently lost his hamster-killing video and later produced a video of two hamsters but had decided not to show the moment of death to a "left-wing" journalist!

    ..admittedly here is probably a kernel of truth in the roots of these "researches" based on the physical endurance exploits of East Asian martial artists. But this is taking the p!ss!
  5. staring/worrying is that the same thing?

    Just had TV on in background.
    Oh my, oh my, that's what happens to the kids when 'mommy' is popping happy pills all during her pregnancy!
    Welcome to America!
    Land of the TRULY nutty!

  6. You can't stare at them from behind, if you want to look them in the eyes they should be on top - that way you get tongues as well!
    :twisted: :twisted:
  8. Dear God MrPVRd, are you a septic gent as well?

  9. as is the British LSD experiments....

    hehehehe, i know but it is REALLY funny!

    Beebs :lol:
  10. I thought that the Brits went for sheep/goats and the Spams went for pigs?!?

    I want to rejoin and remuster into the British equivalent of the First Earth Battalion! I'm growing my hair long, there's some Hawkwind on the stereo and the hydroponic cellar is doing its job nicely!!!

  11. The manual of the 1st earth battalion actually exsists check goggle
    :roll: .loonies but less harmful than the neocons :)
  12. Do you call this hand-thrown pottery, soldier?!!

    DROP! And give me fifty Reikki stretching exercises!!!
  13. Jeeze...some are sooo 'anti-septic' an alcohol bath.

    Ya know WE could muster all our 'septic-tanks' for a BlitzKrieg...

    (sounds like a 'crappy campaign'...infact the hole idea stinks)



  14. Watched the program and damn near p1ssed myself laughing. Even better when one guy was battering the journo using a little bit of shaped perspex!
  15. Staring at goats?

    Half the blokes in the Sarah Siddons have fablonned pictures of sheep in their wallets....