Men wearing earrings

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ViolentBadger, Nov 24, 2007.

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  1. Earrings on men......
  2. Large Elizabeth duke hoop ear-rings?

    Diamond encrusted chandelier style things?

    some types are definitely gay
  3. I think it goes back to seafaring days when they had gold earrings to pay for burial when they died
  4. I remember watching Heartbreak Ridge with Clint Eastwood. It was generally a second rate film but the one redeeming moment was when Eastwood tore an ear-ring out of a delinquent marine's earlobe.

    Good drills.
  5. What about body piercing, is that gay? A friend was askin like. x
  6. Never worn one, not in my ear that is...
  7. only if you have your old fella look like a morning star
  8. Don't think so. Sailors used to be sewn up in a bit of canvas, weighted and thrown overboard. (Traditionally, the final stitch was through the nose. This was intended to make sure the individual was really dead.) The didn't have facilities to keep a body until they made landfall, except in special cases, such as Nelson, who was kept in a barrel of spirits.

    I'm sure someone from Rum Ration can tell us more, but that is how I understand things to have been.
  9. Exactly what I feel like doing every time I see one. :D
  10. Or in Payback when Mel Gibson ripped a nose ring out of a drug dealers snout....
  11. Erm, what decade are you all living in? Is this the sort of thing that gets discussed in the Mess?.. I may be wrong, but I think people stopped wearing earrings in the 80s 8O
  12. Through the right ear - gay.
    Through the left ear - drug dealer.
    Through the nose - cattle.
  13. Does all three make someone a gay drug dealing bull?
  14. It was in case they were lost overboard/vessel sank - the gold was to pay whoever fished their body out of the drink to bury them. Specially if they had got a bit whiffy.